Saturday, 23 January 2010

#23 - #26 of 365 Vizar, Earthquake, Butthead, Battle Blade Skeletor

I was talking to Nick yesterday and told him I was going to cheat with gitd January. Here's the cheat today - of the 4 figs I'm opening, only one, Skelly, gitd.

Earthquake, Vizar and Butthead does not gitd.

Here's the 4 New Adventures of He-Man (often abbreviated NA) figures that I still have on the card. A while ago, I removed the comics because the glue on most of these figs were non-existant. These 4 together with Flipshot are my entire NA collection. The reasons I'm cheating are because I don't have enough stuff to complete gitd January, but also, as mentioned way way before, I want to open entire lines together so that I get to take group shots and to make my life simple with the logistics.

Skeletor is probably the pride and joy of the collection. After all, he's the only gitd figure in the lot.

The interesting thing about this skeletor is that it has hair. Yes, hair. Well, I think all NA skeletors had hair, but it almost seems to be a hybrid of Skeletor and a PoP doll.

Earthquake is interesting. His left arm is way too loose and his right arm is connected to the lever on his back.

The weapon consists of three parts, which I guess shows that he's strong enough to split rocks. He's interesting, but somewhat ugly. It'd be interesting to see how he turns out in MotUC.

Butthead sounds like a joke. He looks ugly with that weird grin and that square face.

However, when I opened him up and played with him a bit, I was surprised at how well designed a figure he is. The inspiration seems to be Rattlor, but he's improved in that his head can be rotated to actually butt someone. The helmet hides most of his hideous face, and makes him more bearable. The weapon reminds me of a cross between Snout Spout's and Blast Attack. I wonder if he was actually designed for MotU and was then carried over to NA.

The only Galactic Guardian of the lot is Vizar. Why Vizar? He comes with a visor!

The figure reminds me of Hondo McLean from MASK, even the visor is similar to Hondo's Blaster mask. The gun is GIJoe-sh and the hook seems out of place. Oh well, I guess he must have a use for it somehow.

More pictures, of course in the Facebook Album. I wonder if I have any NA fans as friends here on Facebook. I think MGM is a NA fan, but I don't have him as a friend here. And I'll leave you all with a picture of Skelly with the rest of gitd January.

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