Tuesday, 18 January 2011

#383 of Year 2 Gormiti Magmion

Two's company, Three's a crowd.  One figure on its own in a line always feels rather lonely to me, which is why I get at least 2 characters from a line, if I'm able to do so.  Well, while shopping for these Gormitis, it was a difficult choice picking up which one of the 5 figures I should purchase and it ended up being these two, Jessica from yesterday, and Magvion.

The packaing is similar to Jessica's from yesterday, but instead of the air elements that Jessica has, Magmion has all these lava elements.  Because of the colour of the figure and the packaging, the character almost blends in with the background and gets a bit lost in there.

The front of the cardback has a rather nice image of an evil-looking lava mountain, which is in itself interesting.  The contents is pretty much the same as what Jessica has - a figure, two arm attachments and a tail, except that the tail is unremovable.

The figure has 10 poitns of articulation - yes the tail is articulated, along with the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and neck.  The sculpt is amazing and the entire figure essentially looks like a cross between lava flows, rocks and a scaly creature.  The paintwork is meticulous and everything is painted "within the lines".

Magmion actually looks better out of the package than through the bubble.  The arm attachments add a lot of fun to the figure, and is designed to fit on either hand.  The sad thing is that Magmion only comes with one clawed hand.  Still, that is a minor issue as the other arm attachments are awesome.  I'd say I'm glad that I purchased him and I wonder if I should complete picking up the other 3 characters in the sub-line.

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