Friday, 21 January 2011

#386 of Year 2 Scooby Doo Monster Pack #2

As I said, for me, all good things comes in twos, and that's not limited to Monster Packs either.  I picked up this Monster Pack while shopping with Havoc together with a levitating Dr. Who Tardis.  It was a good day for a toy haul!

The packaging is all the same for this pack as it was for yesterday's pack.  The way the figures are displayed though is interesting as it means that nothing is obstructed by the title card.

The pack contains two Scoobies, and three monsters.  Neither of the Scooby is articulated, but the detective one gitd reddish instead of the usual green.  The monsters all have articulated shoulders, which is a nice touch.  The paintwork is better on these five than yesterday's quintet.

All in all, I like all the monsters I've picked up from the two Monster packs.  Sure, I wish I had more of the Scooby gang, but those seems hard to get individually.

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