Tuesday, 4 January 2011

#369 of Year 2 Glyos Solaris Gabon

Another day, another Glyos opening.  Today I'm opening a figure that's named after a mid sized African country, or a Japanese superhero.  Despite that, the figure in question looks nothing African or Japanese.

Gabon comes in a ziplock bag that seems rather clusterphobic for the figure.  What is nice is the card that is stapled to the top as it shows the figure half in an animated look an the other half with the internals shown in a throw back to 70s Japanese toys.

The figure can be broken into quite a lot of bits, and can be put together in a number of ways.  I suck at the design so I chose to leave it at its original design.

The Solaris Gobon is huge and is over twice the width of the Echo Morph.  It is also slightly taller than the said Echo Morph.  The good thing is that all the parts on all the Glyos aliens are interchangable, so that should mean a lot more weird looking creations are possible.  But since I only got these because they gitd, I'm gonna be a lot unimaginative and leave them in their base configuration.


  1. My Solaris Gobon had a different header card than yours. I actually opened mine last night, and set it up with the body reversed and the "squiggly- mouthed head" that was originally hidden inside. Damn, I love these toys! :)

  2. Does your Solaris smell bad?

  3. Yep.lol I think all the PVC used with the GITD smells that way.

  4. They should change to whatever plastic SMC uses though...

  5. Is it just me...or does he kind of look like a condom that punched his way out of the package? lol

  6. You need to go have some instead of staring at condoms!


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