Monday, 17 January 2011

#382 of Year 2 Gormiti Jessica

Let's head back to the stuff I purchased while on holiday in the UK.  Gormiti is an Italian line that has a cartoon tie-in.  Most of it are small Battle Beast non-articulated creatures sold in blind bags in Europe, so I was a bit surprised to see that they do have 4-inch figures in the line while shopping with Havoc in TRU.  So I picked up two.

The packaging has that odd Star Wars look to the shape of the card.  The bubble takes up the entire card which allows for the contents to be displayed in all its glory.  The back of the box has an interesting design to show off the usual things - the action features, the other figures of the line, and a picture of the toy.

The amazing thing about the packaging is that there is so much cardboard elements inside the bubble to give it an amazing look.  The contents of this though, is basically just the figure plus her wings and two arm attachments.  This immediately puts it up one notch above lines like Mattel's DCUC which more often than not lacks accessories.

The figure has nine points of articulation, which isn't too bad.  All the joints are of swivel type and they are located at the hips, knees, elbows, shoulders and neck.  The sculpt is a bit odd, it seems as if someone ahs put a pair of boobs onto a male body - she definitely lacks the wider hips associated with females.  The paintwork is very nicely done and there is no sloppiness.  The odd colours - white, pink, dark pink, purple and blue may seem to clash, but works very well overall on the figure.

There's quite a lot of detail on the figure, from the features on the calves and the talon feet to the musculature on the abdomen.  The two arm attachements also has amazing detail, from the cloud effect of the tornado to the airball attachment.  The attachments are almost lego-like in construction - and is tight yet easy to disassemble.

Overall, this seems to be a nice figure, with the exception of the boobs.  I suppose someone could possibly make her a transsexual figure of sorts and then the sculpt fits the character.

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