Sunday, 16 January 2011

#381 of Year 2 Lego 8409 Ben 10 Spidermonkey

Lego released six Ben 10 sets last year.  I purchased five and opened it way back as part of Jambalaya July last year.  Well, the completist in me wasn't too happy that I didn't get all six, so for the December holidays, I spent my holiday money on the last of these, Spidermonkey!

The box is typical for all Ben 10 Lego boxes and despite this being a Lego product, it doesn't really look like a Lego box.  The front of the board is plastered with all the usual logos, and there's even a nice picture of Ben there.  The back of the box shows the constructible part of the toy, as well as the mix-n-match and combine more than one creature to make a frankenben monster in the top right corner.  The bottom of the back shows the other 5 aliens available from Lego.

The box contains a baggie of parts, a torso piece and an instruction manual.  The head is protected by another plastic baggie inside the plastic baggie, to probably protect it from the jostling during transit.  The torso may look the same, but it has two extra ball parts for the attachment of the second pair of arms.

The build is easy - there's only about two dozen pieces afterall.  The overall model superficially resembles Spidermonekey, but it's slightly larger than what Spidermonkey is supposed to be.  The tail piece is a disappointment, as it looks more like a lizard's tail rather than the furry monkey's tail that he's supposed to have.  The claws on the arms is also rather off - Spidermonkey has ape-like hands.  The good thing is that this is well articulated and can be posed in a variety of ways.  The gitd feature on the eyes and omnitrix symbol fails terribly like the rest of the Ben 10 Lego.

I only got this to be a completist.  This year, I doubt Lego is producing any more Ben 10 Lego since it has shelf-warmed pretty much everywhere that I've seen it.  With poor characters like this, and a high price-to-piece ratio, it's no wonder why that is so.

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