Tuesday, 25 January 2011

#390 of Year 2 MotUC Buzz-Off

I opened this a while back, but since it's going into the queue, you're probably reading this a lot later than the date I opened it, which will be the standard MO for this year.  Before I go on though, I have to say that I now have a board so please feel free to hang around there and be verbose there as well.

There's nothing special about the packaging, or the white mailer box that was the "outer glove" for this.  Buzz is packaged in the bubble with the helmet off, just like the vintage version.  The vintage axe is out of view behind the title card, and the millennium axe is visible, but only barely as it's located behind the figure.

For the first time, Mattel included a tray at the back.  The tray holds the millennium axe, but it also protects the soft transparent wings of the figure.  The bonus with the tray is that it eliminates all but one rubber band on the figure.  It's interesting that Mattel is trying to eliminate customer complaints by adding these minor packaging details.

Buzz-Off comes with his helmet, and two different axes.  While it is not an accessory per se, the wings on his back (which are not removable, unlike Whiplash's tail) are excellent done.  The wings are made from a transparent yellow plastic and has techno-organic details, pretty much similar to how the vintage figure was.  The wings are also mounted on the "backpack" on hinged ball joints, which means that there are four points of articulation there alone.  In addition to the wings, Buzz also received two insect legs similar to Webstor's.  It's on ball-joints for another 2 points of articulation.

The figure is basically a repaint Whiplash with pinchers for arms and a new head.  The pinchers has the usual articulation on the shoulders and elbows, and unlike many figures, on the wrist.  Yes, that's another 2 points of articulation that's only present on select figures in the line (such as one arm on Trap Jaw and both Roboto's arms).  The headsculpt is okay, but I did wish they did design the helmet so that it didn't obscure most of his eyes when worn.  On the upside though, this is the first Buzz helmet that actually fits firmly on his head (friction fit, pretty much the same way Lego bricks hold together).

Comparision pictures?  There's no contest.  This is absolutely the best Buzz so far.  It has lighter wings than the vintage Buzz, but is otherwise a very faithful reproduction of that Buzz in the Classics line.  And it's miles better than the millennium Buzz.  For one, it can actually stand unaided, and it's also well proportioned. I still have no idea what Mattel was thinking making an anorexic buzz with a preposed set of legs that can't stand on their own...  No, the top of the axe doesn't fire on the Classics Buzz as there are no action features in this line (supposedly), but that can also be viewed as a plus as it means that there isn't bits that will get lost easily.

Overall, I really do like this figure, which was a surprise.  I was lukewarm about the figure and did not bother logging in on Matty release day to get extras since I had other things to do (like work), but now I regret that decision as I'd really would like to have another one of him to display.  I'll have to wait for the reissue to do that.

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