Sunday, 9 January 2011

#374 of Year 2 Lego 8791 Knights Kingdom II Sir Danju

It's another Knights Kingdom II!  Oh noes!  Today I'm opening Sir Danju... and I'm just wondering about the way these knights are named.  Rasmus sounds Latin, Santis also sounds Latin, Jayko sounds Asian and Danju also sounds Asian.  Hmm...

The package is more of the same, with a gold parapet like Rasmus.  Have I mentioned that the tower part is sculpted to resemble bricks on the outside?

No baggies inside the containers, as usual.  The instructions feature pages of nicely drawn artwork.  It's almost like a comic but is wordless, and there are no panels.  It's odd, but nice.

Besides the colour and the wolf motif, there isn't much new on this figure that hasn't already been encountered in the previous days.  Lego is really taking the concept of a "repaint" to heart... and doing it badly.  This is the last of the knights, tomorrow we move on to a Lord.  No, not Lord Skeletor.

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