Saturday, 15 January 2011

#380 of Year 2 Swampsterz Flicker

One good action figure deserves another?  Well, I actually bought two of these at ELC and was wondering if I should have gotten more since they were so cheap.  Anyways, here's the second one of them.  Just a reminder for those of you who aren't into the toy a day concept this year, I'm not opening a new toy everyday.  Nope, I'm opening them all at one go when I get the time, but I'm writing about them one a day.  So you guys are still reading about a toy that I've opened in the year... just not  necessary on the same day that I opened it.

Flicker sounds like some photo sharing site on the internet.  Again, it sounds as if it's a copycat of something, but I can't put my finger on what exactly.  The figure is packaged on his side in the bubble, with the tail folded over himself above the head.  The card is still prominently shown.  And his faction symbol is shown on the title card (which is actually a card) below the figure.

The contents of the toy is pretty much the same as Laser-Beak from yesterday - card, instruction and toy.  The packaging looks nice and attractive, but it lacks the overall red colour in a retail toyline to attract attention.  Then again, lines such as G.I.Joe and Star Wars lack red in their packaging (usually), but the logos (and the brand name) of those toylines are more well known than this Pokemon-wannabe that's only sold in a store full of primary colours.

I'd like to say the figure has 6 points of articulation, four on the legs and two on the tail.  It does, but the leg articulation are rather tight and doesn't really move much.  The hinge joints on the tail are really ugly looking and detracts from the overall look of the character.  The toy seems to be designed for two more points of articulation at the haid and the part where the blue part of the tail meets the beige, but those aren't articulated.  The paintwork on the figure is acceptable.  There's no slop, but there seems to be a few spots where the paint has been applied with less diligence such that the finishing seems uneven.

The figure actually stands half an inch tall, or about there and looks rather ugly.  There's almost no sculpting on the figure - even the eyes seem painted on.  That when combined with the ugly functional joints on the tail and the less than stellar leg articulation makes this figure rather unappealing for either display or play, and he just seems a disappointment overall.  So I'm glad I didn't get all of these then.  It's a mixed bag of some good characters and some rather dubious ones, and I'll have no way of telling which one is which just by looking in a toystore.  I do wonder if they'll make a second wave though.

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