Friday, 14 January 2011

#379 of Year 2 Swampsterz Razor-Beak

I have to say Liverpool is probably one of the best place to shop for toys in England.  Granted, I did not travel the length and breath of the country to shop for toys, but of all the places I've been, it was good, with a toy store, a comic store that has toys and Forbidden Planet.  In addition, toys seem to be sold almost everywhere; even the local Lewis (a department store) has an almost complete selection of Lego AND Playmobil.

Even shops like Mothercare and Superdrug sold toys there.  It was an interesting place, but what was more interesting was a line of creatures from the Early Leaning Centre or ELC.  The SwampsterZ are a bunch of critters that obviously is a Gormiti rip-off who themselves are a  Battle Beasts rip-off.  Basically it's a bunch of creatures, each with their own theme fighting for supremacy or something or the other.  I picked up two of these, because they were on sale and were going for 2 quid.  Yes, that's cheap for toys.

Even the name Razor-Beak seems like a rip-off of sorts.  The contents feature the toy, a game card and the rules for the game that goes with the game card.  The packaging is nice and it's standard size so that it allows for both the toy and the game card to be prominently displayed on the front.  The back has all 16 critters from the first wave and gets a bit wordy thanks to this being sold in a European country.

This figure reminds me of  Vulture-man from Thundercats, although I think I wish the Thundercats figure looked this good.  The paint work is spot on and there's barely any sloppiness anywhere on the figure that I can find.  The sculpt has amazing details - each feather seems to be visible; and the boniness of the body shows through via the sculpt.  The one downside of the figure is that it only has 6 points of articulation. -  swivel shoulders, hinged elbows and swivel hips  Yes, only four and that's way too low for today's figures.

Despite the lack of articulation, it still has some rather dramatic poses and thanks to the excellent sculpt, it looks amazingly lifelike.  I'm not going to say the figure sucks, because it doesn't to me.  I think this is a good purchase after all.


  1. Interesting, the ELCs in Singapore sell mainly high-end niche toys for parents with cash to burn!

  2. They have some good stuff once in a while...


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