Friday, 28 January 2011

#393 of Year 2 MotUC Goddess

I bought the Goddess way back when she was first released and wasn't too pleased with her, so after opening her, I just left her on the shelf.  Until Evil-Lyn came along, then I decided I was going to switch all the bracers (thanks to Havoc for the help there), and that's when I discovered that my Goddess had 2 left legs.  Urgh.  So fast forward to January and the Goddess was made available again, I picked up one of her and hoped that she wasn't going to be a disabled handicapped broken-into-pieces toy.  Well, check out the pictures below to see what I got.

The goddess is on the standard packaging, and she's packed to one side in the bubble so as to show off the He-Man accessories that she comes with.  Yes, I know that ties into her story, but it does suck big time that she comes with three accessories that she can't use.  At least the sword holster from the armour can be painted pink and used on Prince Adam...

Notice my old Goddess with the backwards leg.  That's because it' the same leg, but attached the other way around to the hip.  My repacement Goddess has a very transparent right leg which is weird, but at least it's the correct.  And since this is a Teela repaint (or Teela cast in a different colour), there's nothing really exciting about her.  Another downside is that unlike Teela, she has a bobble head.  The only thing that's new is the spear that she holds which has a nice design at the tip.

Thanks to the different colours and the cobra head, she does look very different from normal Teela and thanks to the body sharing MotUC concept, she looks like a whole different character instead of a Teela repaint.  She still seems a bit odd when placed next to characters like King Grayskull though due to her colouring and the see-throughness, but that's a minor flaw.

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