Saturday, 1 January 2011

Toy A Day - Moving on to 2011

I have to say that 2010 was the best year of my life.  Well, OK, that's only where toy opening was concerned.  Still, it was a good year as I opened 365 new toys, and I got to play with and showcase a few other things including old 80s toys, custom weapons and figure displays.  Sadly, all good things must come to an end!
What does the dawn of a new year bring for Toy A Day?

Let's recap what Toy A Day was originally intended to do in 2010.  I have a whole bunch of toys.  Toys picked up over the past 10 years or so.  Toys that I've meant to open, but have never got the time or the space.  In 2010, I decided to change all that.  I was going to open a toy for each day of the year and write about the opening on Facebook.  Well, somewhere along the line, it became a full fledge review at some point.  Facebook notes got messy with all the format changes, so I moved out in April into the blog that you are now reading.  However, things got tedious.  It was interrupting my real life to actually open, photograph and write about the toys on a daily basis.  In other words it was getting to be a drag.

I did however enjoy what I was doing.  I liked opening the toys.  I like writing about them.  And to my surprise, I have picked up a bunch of regular followers, some of which have even decided to start they own toy blog.  Along the way, I've guest blogged here and there, including on Poe  That was fun.

That also led to the contest.  It was a simple contest, with a prize that wasn't that fantastic, but I was surprised at the amount of effort that people have put into it.

So, all good things must come to an end?

Yes, all good things must come to an end.  The end of last year was a good breather for me.  I suspect right after writing this, I'll open up a whole bunch of toys since I'm not limited by my one toy for each day of the year rule anymore.  But what does this mean for the blog?

Well, I have a "focus group" on Facebook and I invited for their feedback way back when regarding how they would like to see this site progress.  There were all sorts of suggestions, but the main one that emerged was that the "regulars" would like to see this blog continue in some form.  So what should I do?

Let me iterate what this blog is all about.  This is my personal blog where I showcase the toy that I've opened for the day, at least that was the idea last year.  So what about 2011?  Well, basically, I'll be doing more or less the same from the readers point of view.  However, things cannot go on as they were last year, and this year I'm making two major differences.

Firstly, I will be opening toys as and when I want to with no limits.  Hah!

Secondly, I'll still write up about these, and thanks to the blogging software, will post one per day, or close enough to that schedule.

Thirdly, there won't be a new toy opening everyday.  That's tedious.  I might shake things up a little and some other things.  Perhaps a list or a photo or a comic, or better still, an update of the collection and the display with the recent openings.

Whatever it is, this is supposed to be fun, fun for me and fun for the readers.  If you have been regularly following this blog, I thank you for your patronage and I hope you'll continue to enjoy it here.  Your suggestions are welcome.

Oh and there'll be a contest sometime this year, with a prize that most of the "focus group" have been clamouring for... so watch this space.


  1. Awesome job this year, Nov. I congratulate you on your efforts and glad to hear you'll stick around next year.

    You can count on me to return with some guest reviews every now and then and hope you'll do the same.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for your support 3B! I look forward to see what you will come up with!


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