Monday, 17 January 2011

January 2011 Matty Release day

Tomorrow will be another big Matty Release day for MotUC.  There are five items going on sale tomorrow, four of which will be from the MotUC line, and two of those are reissues/rereleases.

Vikor is the subscription, or Club Eternia figure for January.  Who is Vikor?  That's a good question.  He is a figure based on the original concept drawings for the toy that eventually became He-Man.  There's never been a toy made of him before, and he's not even a character in the legends.  Vikor is just a new character Mattel created this time around, probably in an attempt to sell more toys.  Now, the early reviewers have praised this figure sky-high, so there'll be some demand, but thanks to him being a subscription figure and a lesser known figure, I'm going to guess he'll last around the site for sale for maybe a day.

The Palace guards two-pack is part of the "army builder" sets of figures.  These guys are based off generic palace guards in both the cartoons, but modified so that they take after Man-At-Arms' general look.  They were supposed to be released with Buzz-Off last month but didnt' make the cut for one reason or another.  Instead they are now available (or tomorrow).  They are not part of the subscription.  Thanks to these being army builders, there will be people trying to get multiples of him.  Also, thanks to this not being part of the subscription, it'd mean that things will get messy with him.  I'm going to guess half an hour to an hour for them.  Hopefully everyone who gets there on time will be able to get him.

The Green Goddess isn't a reissue, but is instead old, leftover stock from the first time around.  There's complaints that the plastic that she's made from is too brittle, so to enable a second production run of the figure, Mattel has to sell off the old stock first.  Which means the figures being sold this time around are the defective brittle figures from the first time around.

The other reissue/rerelease are the Grayskull Display Stands.  Now these lasted for a couple of hours the last time around, and there are some who bought them and decided that they were not useful.  Then there are some who missed out and want them.  I could have got some of them, but I passed due to financial issues, but this time around, I hope I will be able to get some.  They come 5 in a pack, and thanks to their generic utility, might be one of the more sought after items of the day.

So there we have it.  The other figure on sale is a courtroom version of a Ghostbuster, complete with a ghost of some sort.  I have no idea whether he'll go fast, but Ghostbuster fans have realised that if they wait an hour after the official time, they can then breeze in and pick up their figures.  The all-in-one page is at for those who are too lazy to hunt for them.  Here's me hoping that you get the figures and accessories that you're after tomorrow.  I'll be heading into the trenches in the hopes that I'd score some display stands!


  1. While I like that Mattel is introducing all these "concept" He-Men, I really wish they'd get down to the business of putting out the figures we all want. That said, can't wait til King Hsss and Stinkor come out!

  2. Agreed with Stinkor!!! And it's Hiss, not Hsss. Gah, don't you teach proper spelling in English anymore ;)

  3. I'm sorry, you're right. I really should be more careful about my spelling in a world with characters like Tzzzzt zzz zzTTTzz and Gur’rull Gu’Rrooowarrrk. What was I thinking? :P

  4. lol, but those aren't English words. Hiss is a word!

  5. I'm giving the snake man translation then :p lol

  6. You need to stop lisping and start pronouncing words properly then :)


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