Monday, 4 June 2012

#802 of Year 3 DCUC Sandman

Continuing with the Justice Society theme of the past few days, here's the JSA Wave of DCUC, aka Wave 19.  This isn't the first JSA wave of DCUC, but this wave is more focused than the previous ones and the characters are those fan-demanded to "complete" their incarnation of the JSA.

Sandman comes on the typical DCUC card.  He is placed slightly offset in the bubble to show off his gun, which makes it clash slightly with the background image.  The card back has the usual bio and stats, the other figures in the wave and the CnC figure image.

Sandman's the first figure in the wave, and besides his gun - a rarity in the DCUC universe, he comes with STRIPE's leg.

Sandman has a nice leather jacket and a cape.  his head sculpt has him with his gas mask and hat.  The figure does look rather odd by today's standards, but he is after all, a 40s figure.  The joints on him is tight and the paint is good.  In fact, I've got no complaints about him... other than the fact that he's not the modern age Sandman/Sand.

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