Thursday, 28 June 2012

#826 of Year 3 DCUC White Lantern Hal Jordan

It's the final figure of Wave 17, the deputy Lantern wave... but here we have Mr. White Lantern himself, Hal Jordan!  Hmm...

Is it me or is Hal falling off the side of his package?  Wait, it's just how he's packaged.  It's all action-y and all, but it looks as if there's not much in the bubble.  The rest of the packaging, is as expected with a nice picture of him on the back.  Perhaps Mattel should have packaged him that way instead of the Superman Up! Up! and Away! pose.

Hal comes with the Anti-monitor's head and loincloth, but he doesn't have any accessories for himself.

This Hal is just a repaint, but I like how Mattel has given him shiny silver paint instead of just grey.  It makes him stand out more.  It's a pity that they didn't make his crotch piece silver to matach as well.  It looks a bit weird there though.

Overall, he looks good.  Not as good as Flash, but good enough!  The wave seems to be an eclectic mix of figures that really not many people wanted (repaints!) and that clogged up the shelves.  But I'm glad I got them.

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