Saturday, 2 June 2012

#800 of Year 3 JLU JSA - Flash, Hawkman, Green Lantern

Well, I guess this is Justice Society America June?  Probably not.  Let's just call it Justice June then!  Remember when I said in the Jay review that I didn't have a Sentinel?  Well, I actually do, but it's from the JLU line and not the DCUC line.

Sentinel comes with Jay and Hawkman in a JLU 3-pack.  The packaging is the traditional JLU 3-pack packaging, which means it looks a lot better than Jay's packaging.  The back has really short description of each of the figures, and what seems to be lazy attempts at art.  There's also images of another 3-pack in the line that was sold through Matty.

Nope, no accessories, although the card art is awesome as usual.  The rays comeing from the starburst really highlights the figure in front of it, and the montage of images running down the sides just gives the packaging that epic feel.

Hawkman is a lump of plastic with 5 points of articulation and a pair of wings attached to his back.  The sculpt actually looks great on him and the wings have that aerodynamic look.  The headsculpt is good and the paint is excellent.  My usual complaint about JLU figures still hold though - their chicken legs make standing them up a challenge, particularly when they are top heavy like Hawkman.

Green Lantern has his cape, but other than that, he's typical for a JLU figure - 5 points of articulation, great artwork, great sculpt but with chicken legs and is top heavy because of the cape.

Flash seems to have different legs from the other 2 figures and stands a lot better as he's less top heavy than the other two.  Sure, he has his winged hat which looks great sculpt and paint-wise, but that's not too heavy.

These figures may be more stylised and more kid friendly than their DCUC counterparts.  It's a pity that the line does not exist at retail anymore.

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