Monday, 23 August 2010

#235 of 365 MotUC Orko and Prince Adam

I've been a regular poster at Poe Ghostal Points of Articulation forums, where I find the discussions interesting and intelligent and generally less annoying and fanboy-ish.  Just before SDCC, I posted there that I'd like a colour change SDCC Orko in the hopes that someone there will get me one.  No luck.  Well, no luck until Poe himself offered me one.  So I took up his offer (and paid him for the figure and shipping, of course).  And today I'm opening that Orko!  Thanks again, Poe!

Orko comes in a similar package as the other MotUCs, well, at least that's how it looks in the pictures.  The only thing is that the card is larger than a normal card, because they have to fit in the accessory behind the title card.

And it says in the starburst what the accessory is.  Yup, Prince Adam.  And he's placed lying down behind the title card and out of they way so that only Orko is visible in the bubble when viewed face-on.

Orko comes with a whole lot of accessories, and excluding Adam and his accessories, he has a stand, a wand and a spellbook.  The wand is from his millennium incarnation, but it does have grooves near the top to represent his vintage ripcord.  The grooves also allow Orko to hold the wand better.

The book has a SDCC logo printed on it, which only shows up when its' rubbed.  Otherwise, it's just a black patch.  Orko can't really hold the book properly, but it can be placed in his open hands.  The stand is similar to Tri-Klop's doomseeker stand, with the exception that it has a ball at the end.  Orko plugs into the stand, and it was very tight fit on my version, but that ball joint practically allows  Orko a whole range of "floating" movement.

This Orko is definately smaller than both previous versions of Orko, and is more faithful to the Filmation cartoon than either ever was.  This Orko is also more in scale to the MotUC figures than either was.  The plus for this Orko is that despite coming with a stand, the stand may be removed.  There's also no pre-posed stances, and there's articulation most everywhere where Orko is supposed to have articulation.

Adam is basically a repainted He-Man with a new vest and head.  He does come with He-Man's head as well, but that's such a grim head on his body.  The vest is one piece and can't be easily removed, but that's a good thing because now it won't get lost easily.  This Prince Adam is also more Filmation accurate than either version of his predecessors were, but it's also very clear that he is influenced largely by the vintage character.

So with Orko, we now only have to wait for the Sorceress to complete the troika of the "Only 3 persons know..." part of the opening narrative.  And now that we have Adam, all we need is Marlena to complete the family portrait.


  1. Did you try out Orko's color change feature? How's it look?

  2. I have both Orkos and I like the colour change one best. He seems more mystical being translucent and all. It also really helps showcase his face. The regular version is painted witha dark colour underneith the hat so his face kind of gets lost in the hat...which I'm not a fan of. lol

    I did remove my two Prince Adams' vests. The yellow buckle has a plug behind it and the other side has the "hole" part to catch it. These are glued together.

    My SDCC Adam was easy to peel open, but my Matty Adam's buckle was glued improperly which caused a lot of problems. So, depending on how it's can be quite a challenge!

    My one vestless Adam is wearing the pink Cosmic Enforcer armour from the Weapons Pak. It looks great on him! Nobody else, unfortunately. lol

    Good review! :D

  3. I think I would have liked Orko if I had the SDCC version. I'm so underwhelmed with the Matty figure.

    I tried removing Adam's vest, but things started tearing, so I stopped. I'm curious to see him with the cosmic armor, now.

    Darkspecter, could you post a pic?

  4. I've yet to try Orko colour change feature yet. I'm not that keen to bring Orko into the showers with me ;)

  5. Why? He doesn't have any flocking. ;)

  6. Novelty is worried that his feelings for Orko will come out in a way that will only end up with him in the ER, awaiting a rubber-gloved hand of sweet relief. :)

  7. Oh, was that what happened to you with Prince Adam the other day, LJ? LOL!

  8. Sure thing 3B! Here's a link directly to a picture with Adam wearing the pinkish armour:

    ...and here's a link to the album with some more pictures of him wearing the armour and a funny comic I made with Adam and Orko (along with some other things):

    Hope you enjoy!

  9. @NOvelty - NO! That was totally different! Adam decided that hitting up a couple of lot lizards would bag us a couple BJs and bag of stinky weed. I tried to explain otherwise, but my words were way too slurred by that point thanks to the turpentine we were guzzling between hits of model airplane glue. Suffice it to say, we were in the ER for a couple of Penicillin shots, NOT forced anal removal of objects placed within...

  10. @Darkspecter: That PA with pink Zodac armour is hillarious! And the comic was funny.

    @LJ: That's what you think. Glue and Turps would do that to you.

  11. @Darkspecter

    Thanks for the links! That is a crazy look for Adam, but probably the best use of the pink Zodac armor.

    Nice comic, too!

  12. Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked the comic. :)

    I agree about the armour. I don't forsee anyone else it would look good on. lol

  13. Adam has got to be one of the fruitiest heroes ever made, only Bow from PoP might just edge him out

  14. I like the comparison pics of the different Orkos Novelty. Why do you feel they motuc Orko is closer to the Filmation than the motuc version? The vintage basically is the Filmation one, isn't he? I agree that the size is more accurate on the motuc and the articulation is better. Is that what you're referring to?

  15. It's not just the size - check out his mouth scarf thing - the proportion on the vintage figure is just inaccurate there. The other thing is his hat - again the vintage figure had that slightly off. I can't wait to get my normal orko, hopefully next week. It's moving from NYC today!

  16. That's true Novelty. I just sort of associate that with limitations at the time.

    Thanks for they answer man. I love my Orko myself. I have the regular one. I hope you like him. Bleeding ears and all!

  17. Nice use of the pick armor, Darkspecter. And thanks for sharing about how you removed the vest too!

    @LJ - That was hilarious, but I was kinda thinking Orko would be the one having sth stuck up his end...:P:P:P

    @Novelty - Just kidding! Great review, love the comparison pics as well as the 3-some ones! No not the LJ sort of threesome! The real sort! Um, yeah...

  18. LOL, I'm sure you like the menage a trois! I had more pictures I think, but there's only so much pictures I wanna do on the blog. Most of the pictures are on Facebook.

  19. I got my (regular) Orko & Adam today, along with MOTUC Faker that I have been waiting for a long, long time. That Orko is simply amazing, so... Orko - like :).

  20. I still haven't got my Orko yet. Hopefully I'll get him tomorrow!


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