Thursday, 12 August 2010

#224 of 365 Toy Story and Beyond Zurg

It's Animated August and I'm working my way through toys which has showed up in animations and cartoons and animated movies.  There isn't a special theme this week - I'm just opening stuff that I have an interest in, but I have to say, a large part of the stuff I'm opening will probably find its way back into the box.  But how about today's figure?  Yes it is an action figure!

There's nothing special about the packaging for Zurg.  Clear bubble, logo on the top left of the card, with the main hero on the top right.  Title card inside the bubble.  The back has pictures of the toy and the action features, other characters in the line and a short 4-panel wordless comic.  Apparently someone decided that there should be a sticker on the bubble showing the action feature of the toy as well, so there it is.

The character is probably moulded in the likeness of the cartoon counterpart - I've no idea since I've not seen the cartoon.  The figure is mostly moulded in black, with everything else painted on.  The paint is acceptable, but not spectacular.  Despite there being more points of articulation, the figure effectively have 4, and all those four are on his hands - both the shoulders and the elbows are articulated.  The other articulation may as well not be included as they can hardly move at all.

If you haven't been clued into the fact that this is a kid's toy, well, the pincher gun should give you a pretty huge clue.  It contains two of the action features of this toy - a firing missile and claws that can retract and pinch.  There's close to no paint on the accessory as the pieces are mostly moulded from the colour plastic that is visible.

Overall, this is a great toy... for a preschooler.  It looks great, the colours are vibrant.  But it does lack a lot from the perspective of a grown up collector of toys.  Hence it's going back into the box for me.

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