Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Princess of Power Bow

I got this Bow from ebay the other day.  He's opened, but does come on a card, which is a bonus for me.  So he doesn't really count in the overall grand scheme of opening a toy a day since, well, he's already opened!

Bow comes on the standard Princess of Power card.  The bubble hasn't aged that gracefully and is all yellow and everything.  There's a plastic insert inside the bubble to allow for Bow's accessories to be displayed in the bottom of the bubble which is interesting.  The back is the standard first series card back for the Princess of Power line, and unlike its sibling toyline (aka MotU), it does feature all the toys of the series on the cardback.

The card back also has a nice drawing of Bow, striding heroically, and a close up of his non-mustached, pre-puberty face.  The action feature is this knob on his back that when it's pressed, makes his heart beat in his chest *snicker*.  Oh and look, a mini-comic.  Why can't Mattel do those these days???

Bow comes with a bow, a quiver of arrows (and the arrows are not removable) and a chest breastplate that's clipped on to the front of his chest.  These are all moulded in a golden plastic which isn't too bad, and has a lot of detail, but they could have been improved with some paint.  The figure itself looks more like a New Adventures figure than a Princess of Power figure, what with the non-rooted hair and the 60's era headband.  The head sculpt is adequate, and the beating heart feature is slightly lame.  However, the cape gives the figure a nice flair, and the painted on vest on his chest is done without any sloppiness.

Bow doesn't really fit in with the PoP line thanks to his absence of rooted hair somehow.  Sure, he's the correct height and size and everything, but he seems out of place next to Glimmer.  He looks even more out of place next to MotUC Adora - he looks like a little kid next to her, what with his non-mustached face.  Still, I've always wanted Bow as a kid and now that I've finally got him, he's going on top of Castle Grayskull!

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