Tuesday, 17 August 2010

#229 of 365 Transformers Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime

For every Megatron, there's an Optimus Prime - Hasbro has always seen to that... well, usually.  And here at Toy A Day for Animated August, I'm gonna to follow Megatron with Optimus Prime - the cybertron mode prime, of course, since yesterday was Cybertron mode Megs.

Prime comes on the standard card.  Hasbro did a good job by including his animated picture on the title card instead of on the front of the cardback.  This makes sure that there's some individuality on the packaging.  The back has the usual picture of the robot and vehicle modes of Prime as well as his bio and the other figures in the line.  The usual stuff.

The title card is the usual Hasbro deal, with cuts and folds to make it 3D.  The double handed axe is also highlighted in text, and it's nice that it's not trilingual with really small font.  What's bad about the packaging though is that there is a lot of "wasted space" in the bubble.  Wasted as in empty.  If there was a BaF part, it would have fit in nicely there, behind the title card, but well, there's nothing of the like here, so it's just plain empty.  And consequently, it takes up space, which is one of the reason why I'm doing Toy a Day - I'm getting rid of the bubbles so as to save space, and I feel justified every time I open a figure like this.

The truck mode is, well, like a cute little plastic truck for 5 year old kids.  It's surprising sturdy, and the bits don't fly off even with moderate play.  The clear windscreen and the silvery paint details give the vehicle a nice look aesthetically.  There's even a slot for the axe to fit between the legs in vehicle mode, which I thought was cool.

The robot mode seems a bit anorexic to me.  Well, it's not so much anorexic as in top heavy.  Despite that fact though, he still stands rather well.  Kibble is kept to a minimum, but I don't really like the fact that the roof of the cab becomes a shield or part of the axe - that's just uninspiring.  And while talking about the axe, it can be transformed into three different types of axe, which is a nice touch that Hasbro didn't have to do, but they did... well, except the part where it combines with the shield - that's still uninspiring.

This is a prime.  It's red and blue and turns into a truck.  I don't like either of his modes, so well, he'll stay on the shelf for at least until this week is through.


  1. Well, this is the figure that got me hooked to the Animated toyline, so I strongly disagree :). Such a heroic looking Prime, such a great action figure besides being a Transformer... You are not posing him right, all the TFA toys have the "Animated pose" that they look the best in. - legs slightly spread apart, back leaned back, and an overall heroic look. Give it a try :). He's way better than the voyager Ani Megatron, anyway.

  2. A great toy doesn't have to be posed correctly to look great. But I've never been a big fan of prime anyways, so it's probably just me.


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