Tuesday, 3 August 2010

#215 of 365 MotUC Count Marzo

I don't really have a theme this week, so I'm just gonna continue with the jambalaya theme from last month.  But it is Animated August, so here's a figure that made his debut in the cartoon!

Count Marzo comes in the usual MotUC packaging.  The back of the box though, has 7 figures shown instead of the usual 6, wich is a little odd on my eyes.  Count Marzo's pose in the box will probably frighten any DCUC collectors.  Thanfully, MotUC are made of a sturdier plastic (I think) and that pose hopefully won't cause too much problems.

The bio has a picture from the cartoon, since he did not have a vintage card.  There's nothing new in the bio that we don't already know (and some sites have started this thing of discussing bios, so I'm going to refrain from doing that here).

Marzo comes with a sword and his gem.  Now the sword looks absolutely phallic, right down to the representation of the "head" of the sword.  Really, what was Mattel thinking?  And why would Marzo need a sword when he's a magic user anyways?  It would have been better if Marzo received an "energy construct" the same way that the green lanterns did in the DCUC line.  Oh and the gem is nothing to write about.  I expected a translucent gem, but it's just a piece of opaque plastic.

The figure himself has all the usual articulations.  Thanks to his 6-packs being displayed, the ab-crunch works perfectly fine.  But the thing that stands out about Marzo isn't the articulation, but the sculpt and the paint.  the cape is decoreaed with what looks like the top halves of pumpkins (if that's what it is, it's definitely humourous).  The Samurai "skirt" that he is wearing is complicated with panels and rivets and even more impressive is that the rivets are painted silver - without any sloppiness!

There are some complaints about the headsculpt being too anime-influenced.  However, I think it works for him and it works for the line and he doesn't look that out of place with the rest of the line.  I mean, how out of place can he get with a guy that has an eyeball for a head and another that is a flying monkey in primary colours?
Marzo is a great addition to the MotUC line, and it's great that we finally have a figure of him, in toy form that is.  I'm still pondering if I should display him with Keldor, or with Skeletor or with Hordak.  What do you guys think?


  1. I'm just not a big fan of this guy, although I can't quite put my finger on why...

    I'd say display him with Keldor, and Randor. have him getting his ass whipped by the odd-ball brothers! :)

  2. At the moment he's hiding behind Optikk, but I need to reorganise my MotUC shelf soon!


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