Wednesday, 11 August 2010

#223 of 365 Revolteh YF-21 Yamaguchi

It's animated August, and I dip into the territory of the OVA - Original Video Animation - today to feature this Revoltech model, the YF-21 Yamaguchi.  It's been a while since I opened something non-Lego and non-American, so I thought I might as well break this out to "represent".  I actually got this from one of my trips to an East Asian country - I don't think it was Japan though, but I don't remember.

There is nothing special about the box - it's the standard Revoltech box, with a "ribbon" affixed to the lower parts.  The ribbon has more info about the contents as well as the other figures in the line on the back - it's just the standard Japanese excessive packaging schtick.  The back of the box has pictures of the action features of the toy, as well as the various poses possible.  The bubble shows the toy packaged in front of a black background, which really does not show off the toy in the best possible way.

The nice thing about Japanese toys is that they have "volumes" of leaflets inside the toys which shows not just the other product in the line, but also other products by the same company - Kaiyodo, in this case.  This foladable leafleat is nicely done and the layout is done in the typical Japanese fashion - orderly yet attractive.

The toy comes with a myriad of parts including 4 extra hands, and a 3 piece stand.  Now the stand may be great with some figures, but on this figure, it's not that great.  It has a peg that pokes into the figure's backside which really may be considered by kinky by some who would be interested in packing fudge.

The figure is interessting - the revoltech joints are tight, yet permit all sorts of movement.  There are even a few extra points of articulation on this figure for the "transforming" parts, eventhough this figure, as an action figure and not a transforming toy, does not transform at all into the jet or battaloid modes.  There are some die cast parts which is interesting, but this is mostly plastic - a good grade hard plastic.  The colour of the plastic is vibrant, and the paintwork is done meticulously.

The figure comes with a gun, which is holdable by two of the 6 included hands, and an energy shield of sorts - or it could be a ball of plasma.  Then there are also two "energy blobs" which can be attached to the plates on either arm.  Those blobs are moulded from a translucent green plastic and that contrasts very well with the figure to give it a rather interesting look.

The figure, like all Revoltech figures is short - it's about 4-inches tall and really doesn't stand out too much when placed on a crowded shelf.  Which is why it's going back into the box, despite the fact that I actually like the figure quite a bit.


  1. I love Revoltech figures and don't have nearly enough. I may order the Trigun figures soon...

    I like the energy "things" that come with this guy. It helps give him a cool element from the animation...

  2. I like the energy blobs too. I can't get into the Revoltech line though. It's not my cup of tea. I definitely prefer the SoC line over Revoltech.


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