Wednesday, 18 August 2010

#230 of 365 Transformers Animated Lockdown

We're still doing Transformers Animated week here on Toy A Day as part of Animated August, and today I'm opening Lockdown, a Decepticon.

If the picture hasn't given you a clue, well, it should and you should know that the review is not here.  Which review site have I posted it to as part of Blog Mash Bash?  You'll have to head over to this page to find out.

Edit: Is It Fun? has been suspended, and the review is not recoverable.  So here's a fresh new review.

Transformers Animated week was the week where the tent pole line of Animated August was showcased.  Lockdown was originally reviewed for Is It Fun? but since that site has been suspended, it's getting its review redone here.  When I did the review, I have not yet watched any Transformers Animated episodes fully.  Now this review is coloured with the impressions from two seasons of the cartoon under my belt.  Without any further ado, this is Lockdown!

Lockdown comes in the standard Transformers Animated box, and like the rest of the figures of its line, Hasbro included an image of the robot on the title card, which differentiates the packaging from the others in the same line on the pegs.  However, the logo and the other design elements of the packaging provides a cohesiveness to the packaging.

The back of the card shows the figure in both his robot and figure form, as well as a short bio and three other autobot figures in the line.  It's interesting that another Decepticon is not shown on the back, although to be fair, Lockdown isn't really a Decepticon.

The vehicle mode is a sleek racer with a silver front bumper, silver exhaust on the sides and an exposed engine.  Hasbro used clear magenta plastic for the headlights, windows and windscreen, and it takes it up one notch in looking the part.  The spikes on the roof of the car highlights the bad boy personality of the character and the car.

The transformation isn't too difficult, and opens up to reveal a lot more green in the robot mode.  Hasbro has even designed and sculpted asymmetrical legs, which is a nice design touch.  The engine transformes into  a gun which attaches on Lockdown's arms, again, another nice action feature.  What fails onthe figure though, are his hands which are flimsly and can't be rotated to lock fully foward.  The other thing about the figure is that he looks a bit anorexic.

Still, Lockdown is a nice figure, and one of the few Transformers Animated toys that I have which I like.  I like the nice colour scheme, the action features and the clear windows and windscreen are a bonus.

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