Friday, 10 September 2010

Is It Fun? Not when it's suspended!

Apparently Is It Fun? has been suspended.  Which means that all ten or so of my Blog Mash Bash reviews there have disappeared into the ether.  I've tried to use Google's cache to recover some of them, and have been successful with 6 of them, but Transformers Animated Lockdown, Millennium Shield Strike He-Man, Superman Returns Kryptonite Smash and  Evil Lyn (Millennium Colours) have all gone down the drain.

The rest have their original posts edited with their Is It Fun entries, here's a list of them:

Lego Ben 10 Humongosaurs
Millennnium Mecha Armor Skeletor
Batman Returns Action Wing Batman
Spy Monkey Creations Shield of Deliverance - Alternate Use
NECA Snout Spout
Millennium She-Ra

As to the 3 missing reviews, I'll probably redo them in TaD format somewhere down the line.  It's sad though that Is It Fun and Wes Grogan has dropped off the face of the earth.  I hope all is well with him.


  1. Have you tried It's amazing. Hope it helps. :)

  2. Truly is sad, IsItFun? offered some unique takes on pretty much anything and everything and Wes was a passionate writer.

    My best wishes to him.

  3. Yup, it was a fun site. It's a pity that it's suspended now. Oh well. Life goes on, but it's a bit sadder without the site.

  4. @ Novelty: That sucks. I thought for sure that would work. I find so much awesome stuff that's been removed on there! lol

  5. Oh well, it's no big loss. I just have to make up and do 4 reviews again.


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