Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy She-Ra and the Princess of Power day!

This week also marks the 25th anniversary of She-Ra.  The cartoon debut this week 25 years ago.

Thanks to Mr. Jon Kallis for the tip.


  1. Crazy that it's this week! I wanted to do something special for her Anniversary! Shoot. I guess I know what I have to do tomorrow. lol

    Happy B-day She-Ra and fans! :D

  2. I love that cartoon. Also I really want a blue Hordak motuc variant.

    I guess I might have to rewatch Secret of the Sword tomorrow after I get finished rewatching Conan the Destroyer.

  3. Well, I wanted to scan a book or something of my wealth of She-Ra books. I have a lot of obscure stuff. I think the best may be to scan some of the Secret of the Sword storyboards. I have all 4 books (4 episodes).

    She-Ra looks VERY different on her logo though. The closest I've seen online to that design in DC Warrior Bikini Teela! lol

  4. @Thrawn: Yeah, I'd like that blue Hordak MotUC variant as well. That would be such an easy repaint.

    @Darkspecter: After scanning it, what will you be doing to it? ;)

    And yay, my own Thrawn and Darkspecter thread!

  5. My webpage crashed and I forgot to put the rest of that info back in my post! Same with this post. lol My internet's on the fritz tonight!

    Anyway, I will be posting in on the .org. Their publishing section is getting a lot of sweet stuff, but it's also missing a lot.

    I'm asking for fan suggestions on what we can do to celebrate She-Ra's 25th Anniversary as fans, and to vote on what I should scan first out of my many She-Ra books and comics:

    1ol @ Thrawn and Darkspecter thread. I don't think we're ever going to live that down. Also, I didn't know Dale was Thrawn. Hi Thrawn! :)

  6. Gah, an org thread. I think I'll pass! I hope you get your She-Ra stuff up on the org though!

  7. @Novelty

    That Thrawn/Darkspecter stuff is funny. I'll give you that.:)


    Hello there.;)


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