Sunday, 12 September 2010

#255 of 365 Dick Tracy Sam Catchem

Well, I might as well get this guy out of the way, since he's the only other good guy that I have in the line.  Sam Catchem - corny name, but hey, who am I to talk about corny, when this is Super Screened September, and I'm doing the Dick Tracey fortnight?!

Sam comes in the same Dick Tracy packaging, with just his name that's different on the front, and his bio and personalised comic on the back.  Otherwise, it's mostly the same packaging, which is a real pity - they could have used a nice drawing of him on the front of the packaging to make it unique from the other figures in the line.

Sam's pretty much the same figure as Dick, articulation, but most of the parts seems to be unique to him.  There are a lot of sculpted details on the chest, and the paintwork brings them out nicely.  There's some slop on his hands and hat, but those are minor.  Sam comes with the usual slew of phallic weapons - a long truncheon, a pistol and a different gunbelt, but with the same phallic peg through a hole design.

I still think these figures remind me of bobble heads, but I guess that's the style that's catching on these days.  It's not my style of figures though, so after this fortnight is done, it's back into the box for him.


  1. I remember these. I own one Dick Tracy figure: Prune Face.

    I'll be waiting for your review of him.

  2. Pruneface is scheduled for next week, I think. He's figure #7.

  3. I'm pretty sure I have a few DT figures. I never got into them though. They never appealed to me. I think it's the weird proportions. lol

  4. Yeah, they may have been popular, but I never got into them as well. Now they just look weird and outdated.


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