Saturday, 18 September 2010

#261 of 365 Dick Tracy Lips Manlis

Welcome to another edition of Dick Tracy fortnight here on Toy a Day, which is part of Super Screened September, and I'm still going with the Dick Tracy characters.  Today's character is Lips Manlis.  Urm... that's such a weird name - Lips? for Dick?  Sounds like a plot for fellatio.  Really, could the line be any more suggestive?  I wonder if there's a Deep Throat character...

Lips comes on the standard Dick Tracy card, and I wonder what is that sun blob thing next to the logo on the front of the card.  Does it look like a hole for Dick Tracy?  I have no idea with this line anymore.

Lips is sculpted such that he's dressed to the nines and the paintwork really highlight the costume, with the bow-tie and the cumberbund painted to impress.  There's even a spare tyre around his waist.  Sadly, his face has a weird grimace that could probably give a duck some competition.  Nevertheless, the paint on the head and face does bring out the details of the sculpt.  One thing going for Lips is that he is the first character to have accessories that are not phallic and suggestive.  Sure, he does come with a pistol, but he also has a pair of cement shoes, which are hollow are comes apart as two pieces so that it could fit around his feet.  The design of the cement shoes is good.

Lips is one of the best character yet, thanks to the fact that he doesn't have garish colours and he does have accessories that are not suggestive.  He still does look a bit like a bobble-head though, which is a pity.


  1. LOL! I love the pic where Tracy is pushing towards the water.

    How can you NOT love these?!

  2. I dunno, I just don't. I find them ugly. Sorry LJ.

  3. I love these figures. They're so nostalgic. You really need to watch the movie Novelty. It's very colorful and comic bookish.

    I love when Lips gets the cement bath and dies in the beginning of the movie.

  4. Oh noes! Lips dies? Then what next? Heh!

  5. Yeah dude, most of these characters only have pretty quick cameos in the movie before they're dispatched or jailed. The Tramp appears in the opening scene and is jailed for child abuse. He'd make a good character for Law and Order SVU.:) Lips takes the cement bath near the beginning of the movie. Pruneface gets shot by Madonna (yes, the singer) closer to the end of the film from what I remember. I always hated that.

  6. Obviously the Nose/Lips joke didn't get past your filters ;)

    And Tramp gets jailed for child abuse? LOLOLOL.

  7. I have this guy, but I got him without accessories - I really need to track down those cement shoes!


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