Thursday, 2 September 2010

#245 of 365 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zak Neutrino

We're on Super Screened September and I'm continuing my Turtles mini-run.  Surprisingly, I have no Turtles figure to open, and I guess that's a good thing, at least for me.  Today is the turn of Zak Neutrino, some teenage dude from an alternate dimention or the future or whatnot.  I know I watched an episode of the cartoon way back then with these dudes in them and found them annoying.

I just wanted to put this picture out there to show how different the cards of the characters seem especially when placed next to each other.  Unlike the cards today, these cards looked similar thanks to the layout and the logo, but differe from each other, not only with the content, but also the illustration of the card.

There's a speech bubble on the illustration on the card, and it reminds the audience that this figure started life in a comic strip. The way the accessory is packaged within the bubble is logical, and display all of them to their fullest potential.  And the back of the card has the usual Turtle madness.

The figure has the usual TMNT levels of articulation, which is close to none by today's standards.  There is  some detail moulded into the character, but it is the paint which makes the character shine, and there's close to no sloppiness on the paintwork.  The face could have used a wash, but that is probably beyond the technology of the time.  The thing about the character is that due to the way his groin and hip is moulded, it looks as if he's wearing a thong.

The accessories are lovingly crafted with a lot of detail as is usual for Playmates.  The backpack and gun is a nice accessory that clips on the figure's back and can be held in his hand respectively.  The hoverboard has decals on the top and bottom and otherwise makes a boring blob of plastic interesting with colour.

The figure seems to parody off Elvis Presley more flashier costume with even more garish colours.  However, playmates used their standard Magenta plastic with maximum effect here on this figure.  Despite looking totally bizzare, the figure still somewhat fits in with the rest of the line.  I guess that's just because the TMNT line is just wacky overall.


  1. I loved this figure when I was little, simply because it came with a hoverboard and as we all know, Back to the Future II is awesome!

    In the cartoon, the Neutrinos flew around in a cool hovering Cadillac...did Playmates ever make that thing? I don't remember it...

  2. I'm not sure if they did ever made all the Neutrinos or the Cardillac that they travelled in. Perhaps they did all 3 of the junior Neutrinos.

  3. Thong on this guy and bikini on Shredder, whatever were they thinking...

  4. The were annoying in the toon, but I always loved their designs and colours. :p

  5. They did make a car for the foot clan that looked like the Neutrinos, and I believe they made the rest of the neutrinos in the 'Toon Turtles line. They may have even released an official Neutrino's car at some point.

  6. I don't think they released the Neutrinos parents officially, or did they? I seriously have no idea. You should post the question to Pixel Dan, who's a turtles fan on or to Poe who I believe is also a turtles fan, at :)

  7. I hate the Neutrinos. Some of the most annoying cartoon characters ever.


    They did in fact make the other two neutrinos in the Toon line. I never got them though.

    I also don't believe they ever released their flying car. They did release a hover car that was very similar to it for the Foot clan. I have that and it is a pretty cool toy.


    I don't ever remember seeing the Neutrino's parents in the cartoon. I don't believe they ever made them as toys (if they even exist).

  8. Apparently the parents did make it to the cartoon, so no, not all the neutrinos were made into toys, just the kids.

  9. I must have blocked out the Neutrino's parents from my memory. I've tried to do that with them too. Horrible, horrible characters. ;)

  10. I don't blame you for blocking them from memory. They were part of the turtles lore though.


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