Sunday, 26 September 2010

#269 of 365 JLU Morph-Gear Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Another day, another Green Lantern and another Morph-Gear JLU set.  Oh, have I mentioned that we are still on Super Screened September here on Toy a Day, where I open toys that have links to both a cartoon and a movie?  Well I just mentioned it.

This John Stewart comes in a box that is simliar to Superman's from yesterday.  The round bubble is still there, and this time, it looks to be better filled with both the figure and the backpack visible.

There's one difference however - near the top of the bubble is a cardboard "2 in 1" trilingual sign.  The 2 in 1 gimmick is also shown on the back of the card in detail, the same as that of Superman.  However, unlike Superman's armour, this one though, seems to make some sense, as Green Lanterns are shown from time to time to be capable of projecting armour and weapons for themselves.

Out of the card, the figure comes with a backpack, a breastplate, a helmet and two missiles.  Everything is moulded from clear see-through green plastic, to better represent the fact that this accessory is a ring construct.  The armour fits well on the figure, but the helmet has issues fitting into the breastplate piece.  The whole assembly also makes the figure top heavy, yet despite that, the figure is still capable of standing properly as most of the weight is balanced around the figure's centre of gravity.

The GL figure is the same as the three-pack from a couple days ago, with only one difference.  This is the John Stewart with hair - on top of his head, that is, before it migrates to his chin.  I prefer this look better than the bald one, which is one of the reasons I got this GL.

And there we go, my Magnificient 7 is now complete.  Sure, a Hal Jordan and a Classic Aquaman would have been better, but I'm not going to hunt down versions of those characters (since JLUs are hard to find around here).


  1. Figure on a whole looks much more coherent and believable then the Morph Gear Supes. I'm guessing the alt-mode for the launcher would be a fail cos holding it out front would surely topple him

  2. I didn't bother trying holding it in front of him, as you can see from the photos.

  3. Even if I don't collect these myself, I've always liked the look of them, especially all lined up. If I had a boy, this line would have been on the top of my list of toys to give him.

    Of course, then there's the problem of tracking down all the past releases to complete the Justice League.

  4. You don't have to collect the line to cherry pick the figures you want from it Slangards! Anyways, I'm sure you have more than enough other stuff on your self!


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