Saturday, 11 September 2010

Toy A Day reviews of former Is It Fun? figures

Is It Fun? has been suspended.  I had ten reviews there, and I managed to recover six of them via Google's cache, but four more is now well, lost, at least to the public at large.  So I've decided to rewrite those reviews.  Here's a list of them:

#126 NECA Evil-Lyn (millennium colours)
#132 Shield Strike He-Man
#172 Superman Returns Kryptonite Smash
#230 Transformers Animated Lockdown

And I hope Poe doesn't mind, but I copied my review from

#171 DCUC Wonder Twins

And just because I can, since it's also on blogspot, I've copied my 2 reviews from Killer B Hive onto here as well:

#209 Lego Ben 10 Big Chill
#227 Transformers Animated Bumblebee Activators

I'll periodically copy reviews from the other guest sites here.

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