Saturday, 8 May 2010

#126 of 365 NECA Evil-Lyn

We march on in Femme week with another Evil-Lyn after the first one that I reviewed on Hobotastic.  This time it's the NECA Lyn.  However, if you want to read about her... well, the review is not here.  You'll have to head over to Is It Fun? to see what rating I gave her.

Edit: Is It Fun? has been suspended, and the review is not recoverable.  So here's a fresh new review.

Originally there were three Evil-Lyn reviews - and she kicked off my Blog Mash Bash, with one here on Toy A Day, one on Hobotastic and another on Is It Fun? Well, the Is It Fun? version has gone offline, so here's the review rewritten again.

This Evil-Lyn comes in the penultimate series of the NECA figures.  She came in the series together with Rio Blast and Sssqueeze.  She has the same green and red front of the card as the other two figures, but the back of the card is markedly different, as Evil-Lyn has Snake Mountain and an image of her on the back of the card, as well as the Evil warriors border on two sides.  A different image is used on her title "card" which is a sticker on the bubble.

Evil-Lyn comes with Screech on its stand, her millennium crystal ball staff and the Evil Warrior's purple stand.  Screech resembles the vintage version of the bird, right down to the design of the stand.  It's a pity that because this is a staction, Screech is not removable from its stand.

The figure though is sculpted immaculately, as is expected from the Four Horsemen.  There's a wealth of details on the front, from the bone spikes in her bra right down to her loincloth.  Her back is not spared either, and there are details on the blouse, a design on her fanny, and the folds of her skirt.  The paintwork is detailed, and the use of magenta and bronze to contrast with the dark mauve and black works well for her.

When placed next to the vintage and millennium versions of the character, it becomes readily visible which version she is based on.  The design is almost like for like similar to the millennium Lyn, but the Four Horsemen has added more details to this staction and given her a better colour scheme that seems more fiery and evil than the moon-touched pale millennium Lyn.

The Four Horsemen should also be commended for giving her regular boobs.  They are more realistic than the tennis balls on the Sorceress.  This staction of Lyn also complements millennium Skeletor bettter thanks to the shared bronze colouring.

Screech is literally based off the vintage version of the bird, but is a lot smaller, and in scale with the figures than the vintage version was.  Screech is comparable in size with NECA's Zoar and slightly smaller than MotUC Zoar, which makes sense as the MotUC figures are slightly larger than the millennium figures and the stactions.

Overall, this would be my favourite Evil-Lyn action figure... if she was an action figure.  But she's not, she's just a staction, which is a pity.


  1. It's a shame about the figure, but the review itself is just fantastic! Thanks so much!!

  2. I'm still waiting for a call from the producers of Project Runway. I could be the Simon Cowell on that show. LOL.

  3. I personally think this is the best sculpted Evil-Lyn to date. I love the fireball in her hand with the evil face in it! That little touch is just so awesome. It's too bad she can't move though. lol


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