Tuesday, 4 May 2010

#124 of 365 NECA Sorceress

Yesterday marked the start of Femme week which is the transition period between Anniversary April and MotU May.  She-Ra ends Anniversary April and kicks off MotU May as well as Femme week here on Toy a Day.  Today we move on to the second Femme - the Egyptian Sorceress.

Real sorceresses are not from Egypt.  So goes the signature of my friend Kafos.  I wasn't too thrilled with the Egyptian themed sorceress when I first saw here, and the fact that they tended to make her boobs appear so huge in the cartoon to the point she looked ridiculous.  The packaging is nice though.  I like the pose inside the bubble where Zoar is immediately behind her andthe staff is to the side (and therefore not obstructing her face).  The back of the card is glorious as well - the millennium royal palace with a majestically (is that even a word?) posed painted Sorceress with Zoar soaring in front of her.  Sorceress is in Series 3, and is the final figure from that series that I'm opening, Mantenna and Tung Lashor  are the other two figures in the series.

There's four pieces within the package - the sorceress herself, which is attached to her stand, her staff of Zoar, Zoar (who is attached to the stump) and the stand.  Thanks to this being a staction, there's no articulation.  That and the fact that the Sorceress is stuck to her stand might seem to suck at first, but hey, it's a statue, it can't move, so I'd rather have the stand stuck to her to ensure that she can stand than have a statue falling down ever so often.

There are no action features here, but that doesn't mean that it can't be great.  I love the details that the 4 Horsemen put into the staff of Zoar (at least that's what I think it's called, and that's what I'm calling it).  Each feather seems to be clear and crisp and the whole bird seems almost mobile. OK, so it's not white like the vintage staff, but the metallic colour on the staff more than makes up for it not being white - in fact I'd call it an improvement.

What about Zoar?  Well, like Oedipus previously, Zoar is stuck to a stand and I doubt it's removable (I haven't tried).  The colours are pretty standard to her filmation colours, but the pattern is slightly different with the blue on the wing tips.  The funny thing about the whole thing is that the base, which stands very well on its own, can be plugged into the peg on the base, while the stand holding the Sorceress figure cannot be plugged in there.  It's weird, it's almost as if this was Zoar with a Sorceress accessory.

Comparison time!  There the three Zoars, the Big Jim one from the vintage line, the Classics one that came with Teela and this one.  Surprisingly, I have to say I like this statue a lot better than the other two - it is of a nice size and has a nice pose.  The only downside is that it's a statue with no articulation, unlike the other two... oh and it is permanently perched on its base.

And whoat of the figure?  Well, the reimagined Sorceress looks nothing like her vintage counterpart.  In fact they are so different from each other they might as well have been different characaters.  This isn't the first time that I'm saying this about the Millennium line, and it won't be the last either.

All right, how about comparing apples to apples then?  Sorceress does look good when placed next to millennium Teela and He-Man.  She actually looks well proportioned and feminine (as opposed to the unfemininly croutch that Teela holds).  He-Man though still looks way too anorexic next to her - I mean, He-Man's waist is about the same size as the Sorceress' hips, but his shoulders are three times the width?  Talk about hourglasses figures on He-Man... but I digress.  The Sorceress' boobs have always seem way too big to me, and the toy is no different.  Oh well, I guess those mammaries are for attracting men with hourglass figures...


  1. They really did overdo the boobage on the Sorceress. I thought the same thing when I saw her on the show. I get that they were going for an anime vibe, but cmon. Her breast size has nothing to do with her magical ability. lol And man were they perky, too.

  2. Kafos needs to play some RPG's. LOL!

    Egyptian Wizards are common place nowadays in some RPG's.

  3. LOL @ Wes. There were a bunch of people who were campaigning for the guys to get equal treatment (for their packages) in the cartoon if I do remember correctly.

    @MGM: I think he's a traditionaly type of guy, who likes things traditional. I secretly suspect he may be Amish. LOL.


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