Monday, 17 May 2010

#137 of 365 Millennium Wolf Armor He-Man & Snake Armor Skeletor 2-pack

It's the start of the Creature Feature week here on Toy a Day that's part of MotU May.  We start off the week with a two-pack (no, not a Two Bad) that consists of, well, what else, this is the millennium line after all, alternate versions of both He-Man and Skeletor.  Yawn!  This is beginning to get repetitive and boring.  There's only so many jokes I can make about a bazillion He-Man and Skeletor alternates...

This is not the first time we've seen this packaging in the line - it first appeared for the He-man vs Skeletor gift pack (complete with video).  Like the early packaging in the line, the box colour is red, and there's a huge window on the front of the packaging to show off the contents, although there is also this huge wasted space between the figures and underneath the video.  The back of the box has the usual photo of the contents, with the cross sell images at the bottom.  This Wolf vs Snake "gift set" was an exclusive (I think it was a Target exclusive).

Out of the box, we have two figures, two weapons, two shields and a helmet for He-Man that's removable.   The figures are more or less repaints with new torsos.  Skeletor's head though is painted in a yellow that's remiscent of his vintage figure than the golden bronze of his usual millennium repaint.  The shields are huge and tend to affect the ability of the character holding it to stand upright unassisted.  I like He-Man's weapon and helmet - they give him that barbaric wolf look rather well, but skeletor's weird rifle sword and moulded onto his head Cobra helmet seems weird.

The main action feature is on the shield.  Press the skull or the wolf's head on the shield and the spikes appear.  Blegh, that's a weak action feature.

There's also a VHS of the 4th episode of the millennium cartoon in the package, and it's a surprise that Mattel went with VHS when CDs were a proven technology then and DVDs were coming online at that time.  Still, this is one of the few toy packaging to feature an episode from the new cartoon.

Comparisons?  Well, as have been already mentioned, He-Man is mostly a repaint with new weapons and accessories.  Does anyone need another version of He-Man?  Not me, although I do like his helmet and claw weapon a lot.  Skeletor is also another mostly repaint, but this one has huge 80s-looking shoulder pads and a helmet that's moulded onto his head.  He doesn't look as cool as the Ice Armor Skeletor, nor are any of his new weapons any fun.  He's definately going back into storage relatively soonish.

So there we have it for the first day of the Creature Feature week on MotU may.  Coming up this week - two cats, something with a long nose, an insect, a red creature and a blue creature.


  1. Wow, both of those armors really seem to serve no purpose whatsoever! Skeletor looks utterly ridiculous.. I always knew he secretly wanted to be a part of COBRA! And ooh, He-Man has a decapitated wolf on his head. He must be serious about it all now! Sigh. Heh.

  2. LOL, I wonder if PETA did nude protests at He-Man wearing fur. LOL.

  3. He-Man can only hope. Some of those PETA fans are hot as hell!


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