Saturday, 15 May 2010

MotUC Weapons Pak

Thsi is not a toy on its own, nor can it be played on its own, so it's not counted as part of the Toy a Day limit I'm imposing on myself.  However, is the Pak the Ultimate Battle Ground as advertised on it packaging?  Hmm...

The front of the packaging is new, but like most everything in the Classics line has the Grayskull bricks as the background.  The back of the packagin has 10 figures instead of the usual 6, but lacks a bio for the weapons.  It would have been nice had Mattel included at least a statement regarding why the weapons are called the Ultimate Battleground Assortment, but they didn't.  I guess it's a tribute to the old Weapons Pak where there wasn't any text on the back either.

The front of the packaging after all the weapons are removed is a bit weird.  Mattel decided to yellow the areas where the weapons are going on top, so the ultimate (har har) result is an unevenly mottled background.  The weapons are just weapons, but each one of them have a copyright notice on them somewhere, which is rather weird.

Most of the weapons really is the same as what we've already had - witness He-Man's set of weapons above.  They can be used by characters lacking weapons or to create new characters.  Well, I attempted creating the green and brown Beastman, but did not really succeed.  If anything, this flocked Beastman needs a nice brown whip.

I was going to try out the blue weapons on He-Man, then had an idea.  Why not create characters that I've yet to see pictures of?  I mean, He-Man or Faker with the blue weapons have been done before, but S&M He-Man with a whip and a jet pack?  Not so much!  Let's create pictures a bit different...

What would have happened if Kronis decided to join the Cosmic Warriors instead of joining Skeletor?  Would he have got the pink weapons to match his belt?  Who knows?

Heck, these are new weapons, who said they have to go onto MotUC characters?  I couldn't find a MotUC character to match the blue on the gun, so I decided to give it to a better sharp shooter.  Yeah, it looks better on Jason than the feather that Jason comes with!

And the blue weapons?  How about the Acturan possessed by the Daemonite?  I think the Gladiator Helspont with the baby blue weapons works rather well, since it matches his hair!

Metallic bows and swords?  I just watched Aliens vs Predator the other day and decided that my gitd Predator needs more than just a missile launcher.  Now the metallic stuff actually works rather well here, I think.

I'll have to find uses for the other weapons, but Justice League June is coming up soon, and a lot of those characters are weaponless.  Watch this space!

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  1. Very nice.. good to see alternate pictures of the weapons, definitely! I still, still, still wish that the power sword had the swivel feature, though!


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