Saturday, 15 May 2010

#135 of 365 Millennium Battle Raptor

It's the Royals week and I guess I'm offiicially pushing the defination of the theme today with this pick.  Battle Raptor?  What's that got to do with the Royals?  Well, since we were going so well with pairs this week, I didn't want to break up the momentum - we've had Randor vs Keldor, then Shield Strike He-Man vs Ice Armor Skeletor (both of which were guest blogged) and so I wanted a Panthor to go with Battle Cat today.  After, Panthor is Skeletor's cat, and thus like Battle Cat is sorta part of a Royal family.  But alas, my plans have been foiled, and I'm left with this Battle Raptor to place opposite Battle Cat.

The box is the same as Samurai Battle Cat's from yesterday on first glance.  But actually it's not.  It's actually a mirror image of that box.  And the cool thing is that you could put the 2 boxes side by side t get this really awesome looking display of the 2 creatures roaring at each other.  I like that.  Then again, if you've been reading these for a while now, you know I generally like the red cards and the red  boxes.

The box only contains the raptor and 3 other pieces - two claws and a missile.  Oh and unlike Samurai Battle Cat's box, the Raptor does fill its box, more or less.  The claws attach to the wrists and the missile goes in its mouth.  And that's about the good thing I could say about this.  There is no articulation on the jaws, so the mouth is in a permanent opened position with the missile jutting out all the time (until it is fired).  The articulation on the legs allows it to squat, but other than that, it does squat nothing.  One can't even position the legs to walk.  At first I thought the tail had articulation, but I was wrong.  This figure is definately misleading.  At least the forarms can be moved.

A beast of burden really only comes into being when it has a rider, and from the photos above, I've chosen Vanilla Ice... wait, Ice Armor Skeletor.  And if that joke is familiar, it's because I used it for the title of my Ice Armor Skeletor review.  In a line where the figures look anorexic, the Raptor actually looks... undersized.  No, it does not look anorexic, but it seems way too small to be a steed somehow, perhaps due to the skinnny legs.  Skeletor looks as if he would fall off at any time, and it's only the seat belt that keeps him in place on the saddle.

OK, comparison time.  I don't have the Tyrannosaurus Rex, so I'll have to make do with Bionatops instead.  The Raptor is slightly larger than the babyish triceratops, but is also slightly shorter.  In addition, the  raptor's legs do not have as much girth as the other dinosaurs, which makes it chicken-like.  Yeah, that's what it reminds me of - a chicken being ridden on.  Otherwise the Raport wins in terms of articulation, playability and action feature.

So overall, this isn't too bad of an accessory, provided that one could avoid the riding on a chicken look (perhaps by only allowing short characters to ride him? or by not having a rider at all.)

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  1. Hahahaha, a missile launching, ride-able Raptor with a seatbelt and almost no articulation. Wow.. that's definitely a nice find there!


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