Saturday, 1 May 2010

#121 of 365 Millennium Snake Crush Skeletor

Welcome to the official start of MotU-verse May. We are still on Snakemen week, unsurprisingly. Well, there were at best 6 Snakemen, unless of course, we get new figures like Snake Teela, which I don't have a copy of because I think she looks ugly. Then there's this figure:

Snake Crush Skeletor at first glance seems to be one of the many "killin teh lien" figures - afterall, it's another alternate variant of Skeletor produced in a line where there are more Skeletors than I have fingers. The cardback surprisingly is interesting, with what looks like Slime Pit's skulls attached to Skeletor's arms. This is one of the few cardbacks that I don't really mind.


The same image is used on the card on the side of the figure. Thanks to the way it's cropped, it's a bit weird. The figure itself has a cobra hood over Skeletor's skull - it seems so weird, as if this isn't even a Skeletor clone.

There are no accessories with this figure, but look at the reach of those arms! The arms are bendy and can be posed in a variety of ways. Instead of hands, this Skeletor has snake heads instead. Hmm... it reminds me strongly of a certain Snakemen, doesn't it? In fact, I'd rather have had that Snakemen made into a figure, if this was the quality that we were going to get instead of this Skeletor. But alas!

Comparison time! And it's going to be a bonanza this time around. The main Skeletor body is definately a repaint of the millennium Skeletor, and this is especially evident when looking at the loincloth. However, the chestplate is of a new sculpt and the helmet is definately new.

When placed next to vintage or New Adventures Skeletor, this Skeletor looks extremely different, thanks to the snake mask/hood and the long snake arms. It's almost as if it was a separate character. In fact, I guess in my universe, this will be a separate character, and a Snakemen to boot!

Likewise, this Skeletor looks very different from the Classics figure. He's also smaller than the Classics figure, but thanks to the shoulder pads, not as anorexic looking as some of the other Millennium figures.

There he is with the rest of the Snakemen. I think he fits in perfectly. And as promised, there's all my Millennium Snakemen on their special shelf space. There's still one more day to go with Snakemen week, what will we see tomorrow?


  1. Wow, this is.. an interesting figure. lol You would think that for crushing snakes, it would be more useful to actually have hands, but what do I know about snake crushing? Heh. I just really don't get the idea behind the design at all, I guess. He grabs people with his long bendy arms and crushes them? Wouldn't his magic be able to do that better? And the lack of the bat motif seems like a real loss, too! I've never seen this in person, though, and that might make a big difference. =)

  2. Basically, this is Sssqueeze, but with Skeletor's body. I'm gonna call this Tanglor and make him an honourary Snakemen :)

  3. Haha, that might have been the better approach. When you put it that way, it actually makes more sense to me, to be honest. This could just be a rare bluesnake. =)

  4. I just picked this badboy up today at a Flea Market for six bucks. I've been eyeing him for a while now, and finally decided to go through with it. He's pretty cool and lives right up to about what I expected. First Millennium figure I've opened in at least a year or more, since I finally opened Zodak after having him imprisioned all these years.

    Watch out though, one of my Skeletor's arms broke right off! I think a few drops of superglue will fix that, but it may severely hinder his arm mobility.

    As far as being a "killin' teh lien" figure, he does no worse than say, Fire Armor Skeletor (whom I only bought to compliment IA He-Man) or any of the other random Spin Blade/Leisure Suit variants.

  5. He's no worse than any of the other alternates, but he did take the place of Sssqueeze, and as the Staction shows, that would have been such a great action figure. I'd much rather have Sssqueeze than this figure.


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