Wednesday, 19 May 2010

#139 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Bite Panthor

It's Creature Feature week here on MotU May.  Yesterday, we had Mecha-Bite Battle Cat.  Today I open up his evil counterpart Mecha-Bite Panthor.

Like Mecha-Bite Battle Cat, this Panthor comes on the green box, with all the same features - a nice picture in front, clear window to look at the contents, nice layout on the box back.  Unlike Mecha-Bite Battle Cat, the windows and the box back layout is reversed left to right.

I thought the box art needed special highlighting.  In this case, we have Snake Crush Skeletor (or Millennium Tanglor - heh!) riding on Panthor.  Panthor's box is mirrored in such a fashioned that when it's placed next to Battle Cat's the motifs matches and Panthor can be seen to be growling at Battle Cat (and vice versa) through the plastic window.  I like the box design.

Panthor is first and foremost flocked.  The flocking is short and doesn't get in the way of the detail.  Like his Battle Cat counterpart from yesterday, the saddle is moulded onto the body and the huge jaws is distracting and unremovable.  Similar to yesterday's Battle Cat, this panthor also has a missile launcher behind the saddle and shoes on his (her?) feet.

Since I used Wolf Armor He-Man yesterday, I thought I might as well use Snake Armor Skeletor today.  The first thing after plopping Skeletor onto Panthor that I noticed was that the missile launcher was pointed directly at Skeletor's head.  Unlike Battle Cat's the snake body which holds up the snake head launcher is way too short and that's an issue.  The other thing that's unlike yesterday's Battle Cat is that Skeletor tends to slide off the saddle easily.  Not a good thing.

Comparison time - well, this Panthor basically is the same idea as yesterday's Battle Cat, but with differences in the moulds and the paint apps (and the flocking).  When compared to the Battle Raptor though (which came in the same sized box), the Panthor is a lot smaller, has a less secure saddle and probably is less fun than a dinosaur that can barely walk.  Well, Panthor has posable limbs, all 4 of them, but that's going to be a pain to play with (although, it'd be great for posing).  Still, this is my only Panthor from the millennium line, so he'll get some display space... at least for a while.  I'm not a huge fan of the ugly jaws.


  1. Those jaws are REALLY distracting! And why did everyone go running around with the snake logo with their snake armor? I don't understand that at all.. makes me think everyone joined up with King Hiss! It was distracting even when watching the show and He-Man got his Kai armor (Lexx references for the win!).

  2. Mattel's attempt at branding, because the Transformers had logo, so MotU must have logos. Sheesh.


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