Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hard-On for Hard Heroes Thundercats

OK, I think I've been writing too much for Hobotastic when I come up with blog titles like that!  Anyways, Lemonjuice himself pointed me to these, so I thought I'll give him a shoutout.  I have little infomation about the statues, other than the fact that they are statues, and there seems to be a Lion-O, a Cheetara and a Mumm-Ra., althought the latter 2 have yet to be released  According to the site, the Cheetara is 11-inches tall (gotta get my mind out of the Hobotastic gutter, although I was so tempted to make another "reference" there)  and Lion-O is a whopping 14-inch (sorry!).  Mumm-Ra stands 10-inches tall and comes with a Ma-mutt.  These are cold-cast porcelain (is that the same material that they make toilets out of?  Maybe Nick will be able to tell me).  You can check them out at

Edit: There's also this announcement from Icon Heroes, but they've got nothing to show for it yet.

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