Tuesday, 11 May 2010

#131 of 365 Millennium Keldor

It's day 2 of The Royals week of MotU May.  Yesterday we had King Randor.  Today we follow that with his half brother, Keldor!

Now Keldor was an exclusive.  I don't remember what sort of exclusive, but I think he was an SDCC exclusive.  Like most exclusives in the Millennium line (Mossman and She-Ra, which I've reviewed, and Snake Teela, which I don't have), Keldor comes in a box instead of on a card and this box is cocooned inside a white mailer box.  The artwork on the box is specially customised for Keldor, with dirty acid green mixed into the usual mix of red to give it that creepy effect - which I like.  The box back also has images of both Keldor's and Skeletor's face, with a full picture of Keldor in transformation.

The contents inside is packaged rather well, and the absense of twisty ties is a great boon to getting the toy out of the package.  Note that all three heads are placed near the top of the tray such that they are visible through the window of the box.  The cardboard tray, as is common for most Millennium figures, features amazing artwork, in this case a sunburst amidst green clouds.  The plastic tray gets in the way of the image, but it does serve as a backdrop rather well without the tray - check out my facebook album to see how I've used it!

Keldor is basically a repainted Millennium Skeletor with a cape.  They did something to the neck joint such that the heads can be interchanged, but that's not visible on the figure.  The figure also comes with a Skeletor head as well as an eaten-by-acid head where the face is halfway between Keldor and Skeletor.

In addition to the heads, the figure also comes with a repainted Havoc Staff and Skeletor's twin blades, as well as a vial of acid - the same vial of acid that supposedly destroyed Keldor's face.  The vial is small and would probably get lost easiliy.  The blade with my Keldor is warped, but that's a common thing in the millennium line.

I think the transformation head is a good idea, and it adds so much play value to the figure.  The Skeletor head, on this body with a cape looks so much more like the cartoon Skeletor.

Keldor, although hinted in the vintage minicomics has never been shown before... well, until the Millennium series.  So there isn't really any previous versions to compare him with.  However, his status as a Skeletor repaint clearly shows through as there is hardly any difference between Keldor with Skeletor's head and Skeletor itself.  The main difference are the colours - the darker colours on Keldor and the shadow details on the body makes the figure a lot more menacing than regular Skeletor.

Finally, we get to reenact the epic battle between Keldor and Randor, what with the vial of acid and the acid eaten shield, and this Keldor will find a good place on my shelf... at least until MotUC Keldor gets here.


  1. Wow, that wash really does make a huge difference!! I'm normally meh on washes, but this just makes the detail pop and mutes the shininess. Wes Want! lol

  2. Yeah, this is the best Millennium Skeletor version yet! The wash and the cape = awesomeness!

  3. I WANT this!!!!!!!

  4. Good luck trying to get this. I know I probably caused a few MOC collectors to rush to the toilet in horror when I opened it.

  5. They'll get over it. Toys should be played with. =)

  6. Especially this one!!! I guess that's why we're the ones doing toy reviews :)


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