Friday, 27 January 2012

#739 of Year 3 Ghost Ghost

I  have no idea why comicbook characters get gitd toys, but this is the fourth one in as many days that I've opened.  Ghost is the title character from Dark Horse comic.  She's a ghost assassin of some sort?  I have no idea, nor do I really care.  She gitds, that's all I want from her.

The packaging is a bit odd.  The bubble is stapled to the card.  The card back has a rather Victorian-styled artwork with a bio that I didn't bother reading.

Apparently there's a comic behind the bubble.  Wow.  And it's not a boring 4-page thing, but a fully coloured comic.  Okay.  I didn't bother reading it as well though.  One of these days.

There are five pieces inside the bubble - the figure, her cloak, two guns and a belt.  Everything fits nicely on the figure who has 7 points of articulation and no paint.  The V-shaped cut of her crotch means that she only has one standing posture.  Urgh.  The sculpt is good, but her boobs are a bit too perky.  She holds the guns in her hands nicely, but they don't fit onto the holsters on her belt. 

She's the best all gitd female I have so far, and that's probably because she's not part of the other unknowns like the rest but actually has Dark Horse behind it.  Despite her flaws, I do like her.


  1. I loved 'Ghost' when it was originally published. I remember the action figure(s) - She came in 'standard' and 'GITD' and probably embossed silver special edition (it was the nineties after all) but never did get any of them. Cool to see her again after all these years - now I want to go re-read the comics and see if they stood the test of time.

  2. PS if you have a black light you can take nifty pics of gitd toys actually 'glowing' - it's fun!

  3. One of these days I might actually get some black light!


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