Friday, 29 April 2011

Bits and Bobs 20110429

My modem has decided to go on Spring break as well it seems, so I've been out of a fast internet connection over the past week or so.  I'm depending on this old dial-up, which is S-L-O-W.  I've got reviews up, but they obviously can't be posted on this thing.  Hopefully, I'll get my modem fixed over the weekend, but in the meantime, here's some rather old news, but I thought I'd share.

Pictures have been floating around the internets of Revoltech Mike and Sully.  OK, so there might be some scale issues, but hey, it's Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.  There's also some Jurassic park stuff and a version 2 of the skeletons.  This is gonna hurt my wallet.

Talking about Japanese stuff, TakaraTomy has just announced a new Masterpiece Transformers... and apparently it's a new Optimus Prime, or Convoy, as he's know in those aoi isles.  There aren't any pictures yet, but the place holder shows it to be available in Japan in September 2011 and will retail for 23,100 yen.  That's about as much Japanese as I can read on there.

Voltron will be revived as a new cartoon series, titled Voltron Force on NickToons.  It will still have the five lions, which is the most popular out of the three versions of Voltron, but there'll be three new recruits.  Hopefully that means the toys won't be far behind.

Karata Kid was revealed way back during WonderCon.  He'll be part of the Legion 12-pack which I'm eagerly anticipating.  It's interesting that they are using the big collar version of him - this is, afterall, his most famous costume, and the one that was splashed on the covers of a couple of comics last year where he died or something.

Last year it was Adam and Orko as the SDCC exclusive, this year, it's Marlena and Cringer (or Baby Cringer).  This was just revealed on Attack of the Show last night.  Marlena will include parts to convert her into Captain Glenn, who will have a green astrosuit.  Cringer only has 2 points of articulation at the neck and tail.  The contents will be packaged as Queen Marlena for SDCC and Captain Glenn for mattycollector, with the only difference being the packing and the bios - the content will all be the same... supposedly.

And that's it.  I hope I get my broadband access back soon, because I do have a whole lot of stuff to post.

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