Thursday, 14 April 2011

#468 of Year 2 TMNT April O'Neil

Well, as I have been saying - Good things comes in twos.  After the rather disappointing April of yesterday, will this April from the Playmates cartoon line be any better?  Or will it go down in flames?  It's April in April here on Toy a Day!

That's the modern Playmates toy packaging... I think.  The 4 turtles are shown on the front, with the logo going to take the place of the title card.  It looks great and for a change, the logo isn't on top - rather the quartet of turtles, who arguably are more famous than the logo, is right on top.  Now the character's name is reduced to that circle above the logo and it's in really tiny print by comparison.  That sort of sucks.  The back has a picture of the toy and the accessories and the other toys in the line, as well as a bio, but that's pretty much common these days.

April comes with two mousers, a length of pipe and a one piece laptop.  The figure is brightly painted and the paint, surprisingly is rather good.  The sculpt captures her animated look, but it does give her a set of rather huge knockers and a relatively tiny waist.  Hmm...  She's got 5 points of articulation, and the lack of knee articulation means that the pose she has is fixed.  Still, it's a rather nice pose as she seems ready to go into fight or flight.

There isn't really anything special about the pipe, other than the the fact that it fits in her arms well.  Proponents of Freud will probably be able to make something out of that.  The laptop computer is all one piece, without any paint, but the sculpt has it textured such that the screen looks brither than the other parts, and the keyboard looks realistic.  This is a rather good piece of toy accessory, yet is simple.  Note that both accessories fit into her hands, so she's definitely way way better than the accessory-less April from NECA.

The mousers are rounded and cute.  They have 4 points of articulation - hips, neck and jaws, which makes them one less than the main figure April.  I have to say, they even look better than the NECA mousers, and the plus here?  Both the mousers are intact.

This is a 4" figure, so she's rather small, but despite her size and her lack of articulation, she looks better than her NECA counterpart and plays a lot better, thanks to her accessories.  Well, she's not perfect, but is there a perfect Turtles figure out there?  If there is, I've yet to find one.

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