Saturday, 30 April 2011

#484 of Year 2 MotUC Sy-Klone

It's the final day of the month.  I started off the month with MotU and I'll end with MotU.  Sy-Klone is what I'm opening today, and this is the MotUC flavour of the figure.  Now, for the first time ever, he does not have his action feature, but will that detraction be a distraction, or will the distraction be a detraction?

Sy-Klone comes on the standard MotUC card, and he's packaged with the figure front and centre.  His Saturn-ring is packaged behind him, and his shield is behind his legs.  It's a pity about the latter as it means that the shield can hardly be seen from the front.  The back of the card features a whole bunch of heroic warriors and Sy-Klone's bio as is the norm.

There are only two accessoris with the figure - his standard yellow shield and the Saturn-ring.  The yellow shield is cast from a darker yellow plastic and looks slightly weird when it's held by him - they just don't match.  The shield has a nice design, but is no longer rotatable since it's a clip on.  The ring could either be attached to his back or hend in either hands, and it's nice, but rather plain.

The figure has the usual points of articulation - and Mattel has retained the ab crunch feature despite adding the lenticular radar to his chest.  My Sy-Klone's ab-crunch is a bit loose, and his head is almost bobbling.  The rings on his arms and legs hide the articulation joint line very well for a change.  Sy-Klone comes with his millennium backpack and his vintage dial - although the dial isn't functional.

Sy-Klone can be displayed in his vintage look, or ... almost in his millennium look, but not quite.  That's because his face does not have "Asian features" or the joystick on his forehead.  Again, Mattel could have given us a second head, but as we all know, "the hyper anime look has been retired", and "if we put the millennium Sy-Klone head through the Classics machine, we'll get the vintage Sy-Klone head".  The paint job looks minimal, but they did give the yellow parts a red wash to give it a 3-D effect.  His boots also has a metallic blue "trim" around the sole, which is interesting.

It's obvious that front he front, the Classics Sy-Klone is based on the vintage figure.  (OK, my vintage Sy-Klone can't stand anymore, he's an old Gar).  The back of the figure though, is based on the millennium figure, pretty much how Webstor and Buzz-Off was done.  Overall, I'm happy with this bright and colourful figure - sure the shield could have been better, but other than that minor quibble, everything else is perfect on him.

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