Wednesday, 13 April 2011

#467 of Year 2 TMNT NECA April O'Neal

It's April, and Havoc suggested last year that I open up April in April, but last year, April (and May) was blocked out for the MotU millennium and NECA staction lines, so I never got around to it.  This year, it's a different story though.  Granted, I've done the nod to last year with over a week of MotUCs (and yes, some millennium Hotwheels vehicles), but since that's done, here's an April.

The packaging is a nice clamshell, with a sheet of backing paper and a title card.  The figure is displayed with the mousers flanking her inside the clamshell.  The background behind her is a nice big city scene, and it works nicely to show her off.  The title card has a scary mouser scene, while the back has a picture of the toy as well as the 4 turtles.

April comes with... two mousers, one of which is busted.  She's in her blue jumpsuit and the sculpt is... boring.  The paintwork could be better - the lipstick on my version looks a bit "outside the lines".  Her articulation is standard, but despite the fact that she has hands that could hold something, she comes with neither a camera or notepad or microphone.  Blegh.

All she can do is stand around while being mobbed by the mousers, which has a point of articulation - their jaws are spring loaded and can be opened (which will snap shut thanks to the spring).  This is not my favourite representation of the character, which would probably explain why she is pegwarming almost everywhere.


  1. She'd probably look better hangin with the turtles... I missed the boat on those and they are too pricey now. Her head might be too big? HArd to tell but yeah, something always looked off to me too with this figure.

  2. I don't have the turtles for her to hang with. At least not in the same line that she comes with. And she'd look weird if she's hanging with the Playmates (turtles, I mean, not Hugh's friends)


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