Friday, 1 April 2011

#455 and 456 of Year 2 MotUC Bow and Bow

Happy April's Fools!  There really should be a nice hoax somewhere, but I don't think I've the time to perpetuate anything this year here, so, let's just move on to the toy... or in today's case, toys, as I'm writing up about two figures that I opened back in February, but didn't have a slot to put them until this month, where I'm catching up with all things Masters (ha!).

Bow, comes on the standard MotUC card.  He does have the PoP sticker on the front, but mine was so badly applied to the bubble that I tore it off and didn't bother placing it back on again.  He's posed in the bubble with his non-mustached head, and his accessories are more or less hidden to the sides.  The picture used on his bio is from the vintage toy packaging, which is slightly weird, as the face of the actual toy here looks nothing like that.

Bow comes with quite a bit of accessories, including two heads, two armour pieces, a bow, an arrow and a harp.  Which means he could be displayed two different ways with two different heads and chest pieces and accessories.  Which is why I got two of him, one to display as the archer Bow, the other as the musician.

Bow seems a bit short - he's shorter than Adora and She-Ra, whcih is a bit weird.  I'm still not sure if he fits in with the PoP characters in MotUC yet... because there hasn't been too many of them being released.  Hopefully the release of some of the more colourful characters (Glimmer!  Sweetbee!  Peekablue!) would clash harmoniously with him such that he looks a lot more part of the line.  One minor quibble I have with him is that the holes on the soles of his boots are a bit too small, and they don't fit into the pegs provided with the Grayskull stands.  I wonder if that means there's a PoP stand in the works...

How does this Bow compare with the standard Bow?  He's bigger for one, but the faces look very different.  Thsi Bow also lacks the golden armour found on the vintage toy line, but other than that and the different looking heads, he's more or less an updated version of the vintage Bow toy.  The updated parts are nice though, and I like the awesome looking bow (not Bow!), and the arrow supplied, although I wish the arrows in his quiver were all removable.  The harp is interesting, but I really don't have an attachment to it, but it'd be great to use it to recreate the Christmas special.

Overall, I have to say I do like this figure.  I like him a lot more than some of the figures we've gotten (I'm looking at you, Vikor!), and with him in my hands, I can't wait to see the rest of his rebels joining him.  It's a pity we can't get Seahawk to stand by his side though, so I guess Master Bates will have to do?

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