Thursday, 7 April 2011

#461 and 462 of Year 2 MotUC Shadow Beast

I got the Shadow Beasts a long while ago, even before Mecha March, and I didn't have a slot for them, until now that is.  OK, so this isn't the first review of these guys online, but it's the Toy a Day treatment of the Shadow Beasts, and I'm glad to have them.  Yes, them as in two of them!

Shadow Beasts come in a similar box as Gygor, and I still think it has a weird Buzz Lightyear rocket shape to those boxes.  He's displayed in plain vanilla fashioned in the bubble, and is shown holding his club on the back of the box, together with his bio and the evil warriors.

The bio picture seems to be a cartoony version of him.  I don't think that's the filmation version, it's probably the MYP version of the character.  The bio seems a bit wordy, but it does have to explain these creatures, and apparently Beastman as well.

The Shadow Beast is basically Gygor with new hands and feet and head, and a new weapon.  He suffers from the same issues as Gygor; that crotch and no knee joints limits his lower body articulation, and the huge weapon weights way too much for him to be able to hold it upright.  The pros is that he looks better than Gygor, with a toothy angry mien instead of the howling Gygor apeface.  There's a nice wash on his pectoral muscles which highlights it a bit and gives him a more textured look, but otherwise, the paintjob is "normal".  One thing I wish they'd have done would be to give him more accessories - I mean, he's basically a repaint with less accessories than Gygor, which does seem kinda odd.

Still, these brutes are great to army build with.  Their size is impressive, standing almost a foot tall, and they do make great enforcers for Beastman and/or Skeletor.  I wish I got a third one of them to open, but these are expensive, particularly when shipping is factored in, so I guess I just have to make do with two.


  1. I like this guy better than Gygor also, but I think a Gygor in Shadow colours would be awsesome looking. Havn't opened either of them yet; my shelf is pretty crowded right now.

  2. Actually, Gygor in Shadowbeast colours would be very interesting. Oh and that's a nice picture of you there :)


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