Saturday, 30 April 2011

#484a of Year 2 MotUC Weapons Rack

Sy-Klone was released at the same time as the Weapons Rack.  Now it would have been great if they had spelt it with the typo as Weapons Rak so that it goes with the two Weapons Paks, but they didn't.  Maybe next year we'll get a Weapons Sack?  Who knows?

The Rack comes on a similar card as the two previous Weapon Packs, with the weapons displayed in the bubbles.  The bubble is a bit bigger than normal because of the actual rack itself.  The back of the card has pictures of the other figures in the line, but none of the actual rack - it would have been nice if they had included a picture of the rack at the bottom.

The front of the cardback has the usual sunburst design, and the areas where the items are on has a faded background.  There wasn't so much glue used to hold the bubbles in place, which is a good thing in my book as it allows me to remove the bubble with the card back art intact.

The rack is nice - brown and grey with the paint done rather nicely, although there is some minor sloppiness on my rack.  The sculpt does give the rack some nice grain to the wood, to give it a realistic wooden texture.  The pegs does hold most of the weapons... with the exception fo the two guns and the buzz-off axe.  The weapons are grey or maroon - the later as a nod to the Man-E-Weapons version.  The grey weapons has a sheen of "red" spray painted to represent rust on them.  Now, the rack and the weapons are based on the vintage Grayskull weapons rack which had tan weapons.  I wonder why Mattel didn't make a set of tan weapons for this rack...

The back of the rack also has pegs, and can be used to store some wpare weapons.  Now, it's a small rack, so not every single weapon will fit onto the rack (and guns, it seems just have no place on this rack).  That's rather forward thinking for Mattel... or should I give the credit to the four horsemen?

This isn't a must-have, but is a nice addition to any MotUC collection.  I pondered getting two, but now that I've got this in my hand, I'm not too bummed out that I missed getting a second one, only because it's way too small for me to store everything on it.

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