Thursday, 14 April 2011

April 2011 Matty Release day

The middle of this month is tomorrow... and Mattel is gonna make those of us without a subscription suffer.  Wait, scratch that... Mattel is gonna make all of us who want a Weapons Rak suffer tomorrow by going to  Will the WSOD strike again?  Definitely.  Will the CAPTCHA be a pain?  Most probably.

Sy-Klone is the regular subscription of the month.  Now he doesn't come with an alternate head, so the demand shouldn't go crazy?  Maybe, but he's also the base for Strabo, which we know Mattel doesn't have the rights to, so there might be people snapping up doubles of him to custom as Strobo.  Then there's also a smaller contingent of millennium fans who would want him with Asian features.  It's a tough call how quickly he'll sell out, but I'm going to guess he'll sell out relatively quickly.

Panthor is the quarterly beast that's going on sale tomorrow, and he's also part of the subscription.  Now he's not flocked, which may mean that he's not so much in demand, particularly since Mattel has said that they will probably put him out as a flocked version at some point in future.  Nevertheless, this is Panthor though, and he is probably one of the more famous beasts in the line, so he should sell well, although at $30 a pop, probably not as well as Sy-Klone.

The Weapons Rak is the other new thing that's on sale this month, and it's not part of the subscription, so there'll be a huge rush to get it.  It takes the slot of the Weapons Pak for this year, and there will not be another Weapons Pak this year.  The Rak is a nice tidy organiser, based on the accessory that came with the vintage Grayskull.  I'm going to guess that hardcore fans will be flocking matty to pick this up, and this is probably the item that scalpers would be after.  I'd say it'll sell out within a couple of hours, despite the WSOD.

Unflocked ears Mossman is the reissue for the month.  He originally was offered to the subscribers when he was  released, with a small quantity going to general purchases on matty.  Because of this, he's slightly rare, and may see some demand by "completists".  This is a very good figure, with one of the best tiny accessory in the line, and he has an action feature - his "smell".  I'd say he'll sell out at about the same time as Sy-Klone.

The Grayskull stands are still available on the site and I think that's a smart move by Mattel to keep it available month after month, so that people who are picking up the figures can pick it up too.  And it's a heroic figure this month, which might make more people consider this item.  It's not that great, and is a bit bland, but hopefully good sales of the item would mean Fright Zone and Snake Mountain stands in the figure.

Of course, there are other items on sale as well, including a Cars item and a number of girly dolls of muscular men.  Will it go crazy?  Definitely.  I hope all my readers get the figures that they want tomorrow!

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