Sunday, 10 April 2011

#464 of Year 2 MotUC Battle Armor Skeletor

You guys knew this was coming up, especially after PDHM yesterday.  No, this is the not-MotUC week, but I'm opening BA Skeletor.  I have no idea why, I but I have always liked BA Skeletor to Original Skeletor and BAHM (oooh, cool sound effect), probably because I got my vintage BA Skeletor with my vintage Land Shark.  Well, we probably won't be getting a MotUC Land Shark soon, which is a pity.

Skeletor comes on the standard MotUC packaging, and like PDHM from yesterday, his name can't fit on a single line, so it goes on two lines.  I'm not sure I like the way the accessories are packaged - the axe seems to be given pride of place, which the clean chest plate is amost hidden behind the title card.  Well, since this isn't sold in retail, I guess it's safe that they don't need to show that the scratches on his chest are not permanent.  The card back seems to have Beastman whipping his legs, which is odd.

Out of the package, well, BA Skeletor comes with the aforementioned axe and the swappable chest plates.  Now, I much prefer the "clean" version of his armour, since the action feature to rotate it back is not there.  And the axe is a nice touch, but I'd much prefer him with a Havoc Staff... and maybe that shield from Spy Monkey...

Yup, that definitely makes him symmetrical next to my BAHM, and gives him a slightly different look next to Skeletor. I do like the way his face is painted though - it's a lot brighter and looks a lot nicer.  There isn't anything new with the figure sculpt wise with the exception of the armour, although they did pain his feet to match the vintage figure.

Ah, my vintage BA Skeletor.  I was rather surprised to see how close this Skeletor's armour is to his vintage version.  It's updated of course, and there's a smooth torso piece so that he has his ab crunch articulation, but still, it's pretty much a like for like update of the character.  Of course, next to the millennium aneroxic characters, he looks really good.  Not even Ice Armor Skeletor (my favourite) can compare with this Skeletor's cool factor (pun not intended).

Overall, I'm surprised by how much I like this Skeletor (considering I had Toothless Skeletor still in its packaging, although the Havoc Staff that came with that Skeletor is now with BAS), and I can't wait for Panthor to arrive so that I can sit him on Panthor... because, this Skeletor needs to be seated IMO.

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