Monday, 11 April 2011

#465 and #466 of Year 2 MotUC King Hiss

One of the reasons why there's this huge glut of MotUC this month is because there wasn't any last month.  Also, Mattel has been putting out a lot of these in the past few months.. especially characters like Hiss (I refuse to call him Hssss) which not only have 2 different heads, but two completely different torsos.  Oh and last year, April was the month that I started opening my millennium and staction collections which took over 2 months to complete, one toy a day, so this year, the current "glut" is in honour of that.

The packaging is of the standard MotUC variety, but Hiss, as the first Snakemen, has the Snakemen logo as a sticker on the bubble.  It's interesting that they used the vintage cardback logo instead of the smaller snakemen logo that's found on the characters.  The back of the card has all the faction leaders... and Zodak.  It's also interesting that they chose the vintage cardback image for Hiss, but since it's cropped here, all that's visible is the snake torso and not the "heroic" shell.

Human Hiss comes with hsi snakestaff, and shield.  The figure is pretty much the same as any MotUC figure, with one notable exception - the waist joint is just a peg which fits into a hole on the top of his pelvis (Urm... I'm not going there...), and as such, his whole upper body can be pulled away from the lower half of his body.  The sculpt is excellent, compelete with the serrated edges.  The paintwork on my figure is good.  The shoulders though, is reversed, and it took me an entire evening to fix it (afterwhich, the ab crunch became looser, but oh well).

This Hiss compares well with his vintage character, but looks nothing like the aneroxic Hiss from the MYP cartoon.  I think that's a good thing because not every character has to be Egyptian...

The Snake torso also has the same peg which plugs into the the same hole on the pelvis, and it looks, well, aneroxic.  They could have gone a lot more muscular since it does not have to fit inside a shell of any sort, but instead they chose this skinny design.  Urgh.  I guess I'll have to fixt that too...

Yes, this looks similar to the vintage version, but the vintage version suffered from having to fit inside the shell.  This version doesn't.  Surprisingly, the millennium version looks a lot more muscular than the Classics.  Go figure.

I have to say, the human form looks great, and goes well with the rest of the millennium Snakemen.  Yes, it looks even better than the Egpytian that they parachuted into the MYP series.  The snake version though suffers from a variety of maladies, including what appears to be a design copied from DCUC's Copperhead.  Hmmm... that can't be fixed though.

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